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  • I do declare that I cannot human! Attended a day one of a two day training course today from 9 - 5 pm with registration at 8:15 am. Sitting on a school chair at a table for best part of 7 hours is just not realistic for me with fibromyalgia. Plus I had no lunch as they didn't tell me that we supply our own. I'm in a lot of pain and I'm not looking forward to tomorrow from 8:45 - 3:30 pm. That's with me getting up and moving around a little to try to ease the stiffness. Not very impressed.
    August 15
    • Adrian_Scope
      Hi debbiedo49, I think most adults would struggle sitting in that position for that length of time, let alone with fibromyalgia thrown into the equation.
      I hope you get on well today. What's the training course for?
    • debbiedo49
      Pecs training - picture exchange communication system. It was fantastic!
    • Adrian_Scope
      Sounds brilliant! Hope the second day wasn't so much of a struggle.
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    August 18
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    August 18
  • michfinch
    Just reading an old thread.
    a) Did you get sorted?
    b) I am nearing same position... have been supplying FIT Notes, Consultant’s Letters but one of the DWP Nurse Practitioners deemed me Fit for Work.
    c) I was moved from ESA to UC, I have Epilepsy (worsening) and quite honestly don’t know what I signed up for!
    Anyway. Let me know the outcome.
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    August 18
  • Meldrethmanor.   Sorry about my spelling this morning 
    August 18
  • Meldrethmanor.    I'm new to the group today.  I have a son with cerebral pausey.  39 years of age .  Who is quite poorly in hospital at the moment.  
    I am happy to answer any questions that parents have.  As I have a mothers experiences , if a disabled son of the age he is.  Who is the most kindness and living person I know 
    August 18
  • thespiceman
    Hello thank you very much. Another tip is to use cornflour.  When adding oil and butter always better and any vegetables to  Sauté pan add a teaspoon of cornflour.

    Mix this in to vegetables add your stock.. Always adjust stock add splash of water if too dry.

    Use boiling kettle to get any bits off from the bottom of the pan.  Use a wooden spoon.

    Remember vegetables have water in them so always will leech out and into hotpot.

    If calorie conscious omit butter just a tiny piece any way would be suitable.

    Have come across this before. It is always a good idea to precook everything first then to stockpot or casserole or what ever you using.

    Medium to hot heat will evaporate in the oven liquid.

    Slow cookers will as well.   You could do as I do add enough stock for a soup next day.

    This being Sunday. Monday Soup is a common practice in many European households.

    Italy and Spain and Greece get rid of any unwanted veggies the start of the week.

    You will be OK. 

    Take care.

    August 18
  • Hi everyone it has. been awhile since I was on quick question about pip appeal has anyone who has attend a oral hearing had it recorded by the panel ? Kind regards Sud
    August 18
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    August 17
  • Birdsnbees
    Thank you for the recipe thespiceman I will give it a go and let you know how it goes :)

    I tried making one recently that came out dry and thought of you and your amazing recipes. the gravy and/or getting a soup ready done for the veg sounds like a good plan to get the right consistency
    August 17
  • Hi everyone
    August 17
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    August 17
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    August 17
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    August 16
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    August 16
  • thespiceman
    Hello thank you very much yes I do this one I use for a slow cooker. Use any thing like Chicken Legs or Thighs or Pork Shoulder steaks.

    You need roots any thing like Potatoes or Swede and Carrots as well as Onions.

    A spiceman cheat go into supermarkets.  Buy there soup veg already diced. This is what I have done. Has Onions, Swede, Carrots and Potatoes Diced already for you with Parsley.

    Could add in lardons from the chiller cabinet seal off in a pan and add to slow cooker. This is what I do.

    Use gravy granules I use Bistro the best you can afford.

    One pint of any good Chicken one. Flavour this with any thing dried herbs if you wish to.

    Another spiceman tip.  Buy Pepper good one , some Onion Powder or Granules and Garlic Granules or Powder. Mix them together in a shaker you use for Pepper or a mill.

    Good then to season meat with gives it that hidden mystery and a slight savoury taste better than using salt.


    Season Meat use a zip bag or freezer bag put meat inside and season using maybe what I suggested.  If using Shoulder steaks dice up. Cube.

    Coat in seasoning fry Olive oil or Rapeseed .  If using lardon or Pancetta cubes use the fat of that to seal your meat.

    Sear to Slow Cooker.  If you do have a Slow Cooker use ordinary casserole pot or Oven proof stock pot.

    Add meat to that. Seal off veggies just seasoning could add dried herbs. Sage or Rosemary here.   Use half teaspoon  Just need to colour.

    All to Slow cooker or stockpot or casserole dish.  Cover with stock adjust.

    Might need more use a touch of water.  Have added in here as well Tomato puree or a half jar of Passata.

    Up to you.  

    Cover on Slow cooker medium setting.  Around four hours, adjust timings.  Oven use medium hot settings I used last time 150 degrees  or more just needs to be ticking over. Remember you have precooked every thing. Long  and slow is the key here.

    2 hours oven might be longer or shorter double check.  Chicken juices should run clear and the veggies touch to be tender.

    Wish you well. Hope that helps you.

    Please you can add any thing like Beans or tinned Pulses.

    Or other veggies to the seasons.  Done this with Greens.

    Pleas if I can help with anything further please get in touch.


    August 17