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Scope’s online community

Share experiences, get disability advice and discuss the disability issues that matter to you.

Our online disability forum is a vibrant and supportive space for disabled people, parents and carers to get disability advice and information, and talk to people with similar experiences.

Category List

  • Your views and opinions can help us to keep improving our services, support and campaigns. If you are interested in joining the research panel, please sign up on our website.
    RSS Feed 27 discussions 35 replies Most recent: Join our research panel by Chloe_Scope December 2019
  • Welcomes and introductions

    Introduce yourself to the community, or welcome those who have just joined.

    For whatever reason you’ve joined, welcome to Scope’s online community. Here you can tell the rest of the community a little about yourself, or if you’ve been here a while, do take a moment to welcome our newest members.
    RSS Feed 8.8K discussions 29.7K replies Most recent: Hi, i'm new! by Adrian_Scope May 27
  • Community updates
    What can we do to make your community experience better? Here you will find all the useful information you'll need to use the community, be informed of any updates and have the chance to ask questions.
    RSS Feed 139 discussions 911 replies Most recent: Help with the site by Adrian_Scope May 22
  • Community chat
  • Disabled people

    Chat with other disabled people.

    Here you can chat with other disabled people about all things related to disability, from accessibility and attitudes, to issues that you are currently facing or changes and improvements you’d like to see.
    RSS Feed 3K discussions 16.6K replies Most recent: 'I had an active life': How are shielders surviving lockdown? by April2018mom May 27
  • Parents and carers

    The place to chat and seek help for carers of disabled people and parents of disabled children.

    If you need advice about caring for disabled children or adults, our online community can provide help and reassurance. Join one of our discussions on everything from childhood disability and development to home care, or start a new one to discuss your needs and concerns as a carer.
    RSS Feed 1.5K discussions 6.5K replies Most recent: Help my son is addicted to cola! by Kev2020 May 27
  • Disabled parents
    Share your experiences of parenting as a disabled person and get advice from other disabled parents. Join an ongoing discussion below, or start a new one by clicking the 'New discussion' button.
    RSS Feed 87 discussions 576 replies Most recent: Not Coping by EmmaB May 15
  • Coffee lounge

    Pour yourself a brew and chat about anything.

    Want to chat about something outside of our disability forum categories? Enter our virtual coffee lounge, and chat to other community members about anything and everything.
    RSS Feed 2.1K discussions 22.5K replies Most recent: Becoming Disabled by gillian72 May 27
  • Disability news
    RSS Feed 214 discussions 1.4K replies Most recent: Coronavirus Benefit allowance increase by mikehughescq May 1
  • Events, research and opportunities
    This is the place to post all events, surveys and opportunities relating to disability and related issues.
    RSS Feed 1.2K discussions 2.5K replies Most recent: Free Online SEND Musical Workshops with English Touring Opera by Adrian_Scope May 27
  • Guest blogs

    Regularly updated blog posts on a wide variety of issues.

    There are always key issues relating to disability worth talking about, and here you can read disability articles from disabled bloggers, professionals and people with a story to tell. If you’re interested in writing a guest post, contact Scope’s community team at [email protected]
    RSS Feed 420 discussions 3.9K replies Most recent: How Working Virtually Promotes Health and Wellbeing by GeorgiaVine May 27
  • Reasons to be cheerful
    Life can be difficult sometimes, and we see many of these stories here in the community. But there are also stories of hope, little moments that bring a smile to your face and lift your spirits. This is the place for those stories, and we hope that you will share with the community your successes, your positive slants and any other reasons that you have found to be cheerful.
    RSS Feed 203 discussions 1.2K replies Most recent: Video Games by Dragonslayer May 19
  • Disability benefits
  • Carer's allowance
    RSS Feed 278 discussions 1.7K replies Most recent: My allowance will stop by janer1967 May 27
  • Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

    Get advice and tips on ESA benefits.

    Do you have questions about Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)? Ask our community by starting a new discussion, or join an existing one below.
    RSS Feed 3.6K discussions 23.9K replies Most recent: New claim for ESA by Shanty321 May 27
  • PIP, DLA and AA

    Advice on all issues relating to Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Disability Allowance (DLA) and Attendance Allowance (AA).

    Applying for PIP for the first time, or in the process of transferring from DLA? Need advice prior to attending your PIP assessment, or for appealing against the result of a recent PIP claim? Many of our community members have gone through the process already and can help you navigate your way through the system.
    RSS Feed 9.4K discussions 72.1K replies Most recent: Who wants a new relationship by DARRANWILLIS May 27
  • Universal Credit
    Universal Credit is replacing the current system of earnings replacement means-tested benefits and tax credits. You can ask questions and discuss Universal Credit here - such as the eligibility, how to claim and the interview process.
    RSS Feed 1K discussions 8.3K replies Most recent: Confirm previous earnings Universal Credit by Chloe_Scope May 27
  • What benefits am I entitled to?

    If you’re not sure what benefits you or someone you care for is entitled to, start here.

    PIP, DLA, ESA, carer’s allowance... disability benefits can seem very confusing when you first approach them. If you’re not sure what you’re entitled to, Scope’s benefits calculator is a good place to start. If you’re still not sure, start a discussion to get advice from people who’ve been there.
    RSS Feed 867 discussions 4.4K replies Most recent: IIDB - is it worth applying for more? by mikehughescq May 26
  • Practical support and information
  • Dating and relationships
    Talk to other disabled people about everything and anything related to dating and relationships. Join in an ongoing conversation or start your own by clicking the 'new discussion' button.
    RSS Feed 141 discussions 1K replies Most recent: ED query by woodbine May 18
  • Dealing with chronic pain
    Share experiences and tips relating to chronic pain with people in a similar situation.
    RSS Feed 437 discussions 2.9K replies Most recent: Tried everything to alleviate pain by Ails May 14
  • Disability aids and equipment

    Get advice and discuss issues on everything from wheelchairs and mobility scooters to AFOs, hearing aids and screen readers.

    Today there are a great variety of assistive technologies available to help disabled people go about their everyday lives. If you’ve got a question or concern about mobility aids, disability equipment, accessibility software or anything else, the community may be able to help.
    RSS Feed 655 discussions 2.7K replies Most recent: Are one-handed wheelchairs worth buying? by April2018mom May 27
  • Education and learning

    Ask the community about schools, further education and learning for disabled children.

    Take a look at some of our community discussions on learning, schools, special educational needs (SEN), educational health and care plans (EHC) and more. If you’ve got any questions or views on related issues like SENCO co-ordinators or educational psychologists, go ahead and post a new discussion.
    RSS Feed 367 discussions 1.5K replies Most recent: My son is 9 and can't write a sentence - why? by bostrcharlie May 25
  • Employment and careers
    Work With Me is our new campaign to tackle the barriers disabled people all too often face when trying to get into and stay in work. Find more information at www.scope.org.uk/WorkWithMe. Use this category to talk about anything from pre-employment and finding work, to employment issues once you are in work, as well as planning and developing for a future career.
    RSS Feed 277 discussions 1.5K replies Most recent: Worried about failing to meet an absence target by Chloe_Scope May 27
  • Finances and extra costs
    There are many hidden costs of disability. Share your top tips for cutting costs, or have a chat about managing your finances, and our community members will offer their advice.
    RSS Feed 237 discussions 1.2K replies Most recent: Looking for a grant to help buy a laptop by Hammers22 May 23
  • Housing and independent living

    Your questions about disability housing and accessible housing issues.

    The place to discuss disability housing, housing benefits for disabled people and independent living issues. Share your experiences, discuss accessible housing needs or ask the community for advice.
    RSS Feed 649 discussions 3.3K replies Most recent: Council housing by woodbine May 27
  • Diet and nutrition
    Diet and nutrition is something we all think about, though we can't offer medical advice you can chat about your issues and tips here.
    RSS Feed 74 discussions 352 replies Most recent: Gout and best dietary requirements. by thespiceman February 4
  • Leisure and disability sports
    Join our discussions on leisure activities and disability sports, or create a new discussion and tell us what activities you enjoy.
    RSS Feed 214 discussions 855 replies Most recent: Any good powerchair sports for my 8 year old? by April2018mom May 21
  • Motability, Blue Badges and disabled motoring

    Get advice and tips on motability and blue badges

    Do you have questions about motability? Are you looking for advice about blue badges and cars as a disabled person? Ask our community by starting a new discussion, or join an existing one below.
    RSS Feed 323 discussions 2.2K replies Most recent: Losing mobilty car by woodbine May 19
  • Talk about specific conditions
  • Autism and Aspergers

    Explore our Autism and Aspergers forum

    Start a new discussion relating to autism or Aspergers or take a look at the posts below on autism diagnosis, support and related issues.
    RSS Feed 426 discussions 2.6K replies Most recent: Can I ask a question? by Adrian_Scope May 27
  • Cerebral Palsy

    Whatever stage of life you or your child are in, Scope’s community can provide support and advice on cerebral palsy.

    Providing information and support to people with Cerebral Palsy (CP) is an important part of Scope’s heritage. Today you can find a wealth of information about Cerebral Palsy on our website, and share and discuss your experiences and issues here on our online community.
    RSS Feed 844 discussions 4.9K replies Most recent: Medical negligence by Reg May 27
  • Invisible impairments
    Not all impairments can be seen, but they are often experienced with no less severity than those that are more readily visible. This is a space to talk to others about your experiences and challenges of having an invisible or hidden impairment.
    RSS Feed 120 discussions 684 replies Most recent: Fibromyalgia and walking aids, do they help ? by radders May 26
  • Learning difficulties

    Get advice and support on issues relating to learning difficulties.

    Whether you, your child or another family member has a learning difficulty, Scope’s community is here to offer advice on specific learning difficulties and all issues relating to adults and children with learning difficulties.
    RSS Feed 85 discussions 395 replies Most recent: Don't understand thing like my health by Bluebell87 May 27
  • Mental health issues
    If you have an ongoing mental health disorder or are currently experiencing mental health issues, here you can chat and seek advice from the community.

    Any advice given here should not be seen as professional advice or as a substitute for professional evaluation and care. Mental health charity Mind have a wide range of resources and can advise you on seeking help.

    If you are feeling suicidal, please call the Samaritans on 116 123.
  • Neurological conditions

    Advice and support for neurological conditions

    Ask our community about issues relating to neurological conditions such as epilepsy, Alzheimer's and multiple sclerosis. Share your experiences and get support from others in similar situations.
    RSS Feed 188 discussions 1.2K replies Most recent: Multiple System Atrophy by dolfrog May 24
  • Physical impairments and mobility issues

    Talk to others with physical impairments and mobility issues.

    Share your experiences of physical disability and related mobility issues, or ask for advice from people in a similar situation to you.
    RSS Feed 122 discussions 655 replies Most recent: Lymphedema by Adrian_Scope May 27
  • Undiagnosed and rare conditions
    If you have an undiagnosed or rare condition, this is the place where you can get advice, chat and share experiences with people in a similar position.
    RSS Feed 142 discussions 782 replies Most recent: Epidermolysis Bullosa by underdog4 May 27
  • Visual and hearing impairments

    Connect with others and get advice on visual impairments and hearing impairments

    The place to seek advice regarding sensory impairments, or share your experiences of visual impairment, blindness, hearing loss and deafness.
    RSS Feed 162 discussions 742 replies Most recent: Visual Impaired Members by janer1967 May 27
  • Talk to a community adviser
  • Talk to a Cerebral Palsy Information Officer
    Hi I'm Richard. I live with Cerebral Palsy (Spastic Quadriplegia) and I use a wheelchair. I am passionate about equal rights for people with impairments to access education and the workplace.

    Ask me questions about being a parent with CP, maintaining wellbeing, sport and anything related to Cerebral Palsy.

    RSS Feed 36 discussions 212 replies Most recent: Sensation in hemiplegic hand by Stayce May 3
  • Ask a Scope Navigate Parent adviser
    Navigate provides one-to-one online and telephone support to parents who have a child going through diagnosis, or whose child has received a diagnosis of a disability, or acquired an impairment within the last 12 months. Navigate advisers will work with parents for six weeks, giving emotional and practical support, as parents start their journey as a parent of a disabled child. Welcome to our advisors Sara, Kate, Emma, Matt, Beverley, Felicity, Tom and Jenna.
    RSS Feed 4 discussions 25 replies Most recent: Welcome to Navigate - our new Parent Advisers by Adrian_Scope October 2019
  • Ask an assistive technologist
    Hello everyone, Scope's Head of Assistive Solutions and Regional Assistive Solutionist Andy and Ryan are here to help you with all your Assistive Technology questions.
    RSS Feed 98 discussions 368 replies Most recent: Reading image-based PDFs on iPhone (Visually-impaired) by Chloe_Scope February 25
  • Ask a chronic pain adviser
    Hello I'm Claire - I am a mum to 3 young adults and we have hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a genetic condition which affects the connective tissue. My first major back surgery, aged 21, left me with permanent nerve damage and chronic pain. I was forced to stop nursing due to my health so I started writing about living with chronic pain. Blogging along with a spinal cord stimulator & meds, helps me cope and I'd like to support you too. Ask me anything related to living with chronic pain.
    RSS Feed 115 discussions 1.1K replies Most recent: CBD and anxiety by System May 19
  • Ask a disabled student adviser
    University can be a scary thought for the majority of students and disabled students can prepare for the realities of higher education if they are given realistic information. Ask our disabled student adviser your questions today.
    RSS Feed 57 discussions 250 replies Most recent: benefits and moving and Studying at University by Chloe_Scope May 13
  • Ask an employment adviser
    Support to Work offers advice to disabled people applying for jobs. This is a digital employment service supported with telephone or Skype. Find more information at https://www.scope.org.uk/supporttowork/ You can ask our employment advisers questions about anything from pre-employment, finding work to employment issues once you are in work. Welcome to our employment advisers Donisha, Pia, Ren, Isaac, Mwila and David
    RSS Feed 334 discussions 1.6K replies Most recent: CV Form by Adrian_Scope May 27
  • Ask a sex and relationships expert
    Hi, I'm Gill. I'm a personal, social and health education therapist at a specialist college near Birmingham for young people with complex disabilities. In my role there I deliver sex and relationship education sessions as well as 1:1 support. Ask me a question about anything related to body changes, staying safe, what resources are out there or anything else.
    RSS Feed 128 discussions 762 replies Most recent: I want a sexual relationship but am fearful by Autismally May 27
  • Ask a speech and language adviser
    Hello everyone, my name is Nicola. I am a children’s speech and language therapist, and deal with a range of issues from simple lisps to complex needs. I am head of The Owl Centre, which provides multidisciplinary therapy services for children across 19 counties in England and South Wales. If you need information and support on speech and language development, social communication issues, or behavioural difficulties, just ask me a question and I’d be very happy to help.
  • Archived
    Question and answer sessions with guest advisers on a wide range of subjects.