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  • Disabled people

    Chat with other disabled people.

    Here you can chat with other disabled people about all things related to disability, from accessibility and attitudes, to issues that you are currently facing or changes and improvements you’d like to see.
    RSS Feed 3.2K discussions 18.4K replies Most recent: Dreading tomorrow by Ross_Scope 9:15AM
  • Parents and carers

    The place to chat and seek help for carers of disabled people and parents of disabled children.

    If you need advice about caring for disabled children or adults, our online community can provide help and reassurance. Join one of our discussions on everything from childhood disability and development to home care, or start a new one to discuss your needs and concerns as a carer.
    RSS Feed 1.5K discussions 7.1K replies Most recent: Hi, my name is Mohammad Islam by poppy123456 10:28AM
  • Disabled parents
    Share your experiences of parenting as a disabled person and get advice from other disabled parents. Join an ongoing discussion below, or start a new one by clicking the 'New discussion' button.
    RSS Feed 95 discussions 650 replies Most recent: My chronic illness shouldn't impact my child - but it already has by JoelVsArthritis October 2
  • Coffee lounge

    Pour yourself a brew and chat about anything.

    Want to chat about something outside of our disability forum categories? Enter our virtual coffee lounge, and chat to other community members about anything and everything.
    RSS Feed 2.5K discussions 37.5K replies Most recent: Earn a special community badge if you can find the hidden reptiles! by Cher_Scope 4:33PM
  • Disability news
    RSS Feed 231 discussions 1.4K replies Most recent: Disabled freedom pass by chiarieds October 8
  • Events, research and opportunities
    This is the place to post all events, surveys and opportunities relating to disability and related issues.
    RSS Feed 1.2K discussions 2.7K replies Most recent: West Midlands Cycling and Walking Changes Survey by Cher_Scope 4:29PM
  • Guest blogs

    Regularly updated blog posts on a wide variety of issues.

    There are always key issues relating to disability worth talking about, and here you can read disability articles from disabled bloggers, professionals and people with a story to tell. If you’re interested in writing a guest post, contact Scope’s community team at [email protected]
    RSS Feed 430 discussions 4.1K replies Most recent: Wheelchairs; the true cost of freedom by littleacorn October 19
  • Reasons to be cheerful
    Life can be difficult sometimes, and we see many of these stories here in the community. But there are also stories of hope, little moments that bring a smile to your face and lift your spirits. This is the place for those stories, and we hope that you will share with the community your successes, your positive slants and any other reasons that you have found to be cheerful.
    RSS Feed 210 discussions 1.3K replies Most recent: I want to buy the Book Fred Phelps In Hell? by MrCat September 1