Disability aids and equipment
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simple answer to problems with leg gaiters!!!!!!!!!!!

nicebootsniceboots Member Posts: 195 Pioneering
I wear a leg gaiter on my left leg over night to stretch my hamstrings, I have been doing this for since around age 5 (if not younger) - I'm now 24.
I have always had problems wearing them for more than a few hours, as the padded ones make me too hot and uncomfortable, and the standard ones create pressure points where the metal rods and straps dig in.
-HOWEVER - I have now after trying many different designs - found a very simple solution!!!!! SMARTKNIT KAFO SOCKS!!!!!!
I googled afo socks as I'm due to go into afo's again soon, and found that they did a kafo length one, so I ordered one of them just to see whether it would make a difference..... and what a difference it has!!!! It is the most comfortable I have ever been in gaiters.
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