Disabled people
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lozzer25lozzer25 Member Posts: 89 Courageous
edited May 2014 in Disabled people
My name is laura smith in november of last year i was diagnosed with cerebral palsy after 25 years, in the past two months i have aquired hearing aids and an orthotic in my shoe, i suffered from spaticity in my leg but was discharged when i was fourteen, when i walk my left turns inwards, upon going the orthotics the lady who saw me said that my left leg is considerably longer than the other which is a common sign in cerebral palsy, the neurologist has discharged me so its a case of oh by the way u have cerebral palsy just get on with it, i dont understand it nobody has given me answers all i have been is fobbed off, the one thing i would like to know is what are the i implications as i get older my little boy is disabled he is stronger than me now what is it going to be like in the future. i have physio and o.t input and they are helping with my posture, certain things that they cannot change. is their a fine line between mild cerebral palsy and dyspraxia, i am sorry to keep going on i cant get my head around it. How has it never been found out before any information would be greatly received Thank you Laura xx Sorry for moaning xx


  • milomilo Member Posts: 165 Pioneering
    I know how you feel, I'm 39 and have had splints and walking aids most of my life without a clear diagnosis. About 6 months ago I saw a neurologist after my mobility got worse. He finally confirmed that I have cp. Have to say that it has helped being able to define all my symptoms, just a shame it took so long.
    Although I was diagnosed after a traumatic birth, I was also only treated by a paediatrician as an adult no one wanted to know or keep tabs. I went to a normal school and qualified as a vet. I coped well till about 38. Occasional physio but all to soon they sign you off. I now have an orthotics splint but beware it did pull the ligaments under my heal and I have never had pain like it. I had to self diagnose plantar fascialitis and it has all settled down now. I get tired now and feel I have aged early. I am now 47 work full time but avoid a lot of walking. Botox in my spastic leg is helping.
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