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Hi, my name is Lizo!

LizoLizo Member Posts: 4
edited March 2015 in Welcomes and introductions
Hi everyone, I've had Dyspraxia my entire life (I'm 34.) I've struggled my entire life to cope with & accept my disability. Recently I've had acute joint pain. I don't know if this is a Dyspraxia thing, or what. I'd like to talk to anyone about having to permanently "manage" your disability.


  • Zec RichardsonZec Richardson Member Posts: 154 Pioneering
    Hi Lizo I'm Zec, I suffer with chronic pain and my joints are very bad in my lower half.
    I wish that I hadn't spent so long using NHS crutches because I have damaged my shoulders and hands, I now use a wheelchair and I used to hate the thought of using one but now I wish I hadn't waited so long.
  • LizoLizo Member Posts: 4
    Hi Zec. I've already spent a very long time, (most of my life) "managing" my various health issues. I finally thought I had things under control for once. Then suddenly I get hit with inexplicable pain. I think "oh, this is new..." & try MANY things to "manage" it. Except this time I can't. I'm now on a new, long road to "finding out what is wrong." I have somewhat mixed feelings about this new road.
    I'm glad you have some independence/mobility now. ☺
  • Zec RichardsonZec Richardson Member Posts: 154 Pioneering
    I hope they find out what is causing the joint pain and manage to ease it for you. :-)
  • LizoLizo Member Posts: 4
    Well, at least I'm on the road now. The road of "What is the problem, anyway?"
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