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Things that you have found helpful for managing your CP



  • Phil82Phil82 Posts: 50Member Connected

    What a great thread, I don't know if I have CP yet but I am just going through the Dr's and been refered to the hospital to work out why I have always has tight, stiff muscles.

    Reading this thread I do most of the things foam roll (I even managed to upgrade to a nobbly one the vibrating one sounds good), lots of Physio, started having accupuncture this seems to work really well on my glutes and hips but not so much on other muscles. I think it work better on the muscles that have tightened as a secondary affect because of over compensating where as my calfs and quads are tight because of maybe a primary issue (CP) so nothing really works on them.

    I also do Pilates and think it's brilliant static stretching doesn't seem to make a great difference for me but after Pilates I can tell it's worked. I can do some of the excercises and but am rubbish at some of the others but thats fine and just explain your restrictions to the teacher who can show you other ways of doing the same excercise. I think its more the movement and dynamic side to it which gets the muscles fired up and moving more. Also I realised I had lost all my core muscles so have been doing lots of core work especially for your tranverse abs which attach to your spine and help keep you stable.

    Something else that has really helped me is I got one of these back support/braces for correcting posture only £15 and it really helps me when I am sat at work.

    A few questions if you don't mind:-

    Has anyone tried taking magnesium suppliments?

    I wear orthotics but I am worried about my ankle as I walk heavy on the side of my foot and have bad pronation and get soreness above my ankle. I have read a lot about AFO's, splints, braces do you only get these if recomended through the DR's/consultants or do people just buy their own and how do you know if you need them or not.

    I'm going to try the comprerssion socks I was doing a lot of running so had been looking at them recently anyway.

    On the running thing do people with CP mange to run? I was doing quite a lot until a few weeks back, because I wasn't aware that I might have a more serious issue, until I started to have a few niggles and I am now worried about my ankles mainly and doing some reading probably been prone to arthritis because of the pressure I put down through my leg/foot. I probably need to slow down and not run as far but can you still do short runs or is it best to give it up? In one way running has made me a lot stronger overall and helped my leg muscles but then on the other hand it could be having adverse affects in other areas.

  • Richard_ScopeRichard_Scope Posts: 1,759Administrator Scope community team
    I take Magnesium supplements and bathe daily in Epsom salts (high in magnesium). Please speak with your G.P. before embarking on dietary supplements. AFOs are generally prescribed by an orthopaedic consultant. I think I have answered the running question in your other post. :)
    Specialist Information Officer - Cerebral Palsy
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