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Need advice on finding part-time carer for my disabled daughter

MandzMandz Posts: 2Member
edited September 2016 in Parents and carers
Hi , I need to find a part time carer for my disabled daughter, I get direct payments but find it so hard to find the right care, any ideas?



  • NikiMNikiM Posts: 36Member Connected
    Hi, I have done the following to recruit carers for my daughter, gone to a local uni where they teach primary school education or nursing or other therapeutic course as many of these students are looking for relevant work experience with young people. Ask at school as some TA's also look for additional income outside of school. Good luck!
  • Blue FrogBlue Frog Posts: 373Member Pioneering
    Hi @Mandz have you checked if there is an organization like this near you? http://www.cheshirecil.org/services/personal-budgets/direct-payments-support (These work in north west England) they help find carers and sort out paperwork 
  • MandzMandz Posts: 2Member
    Hi , thanks for the suggestions , Iv tried my daughters school but not others so will do that and haven't heard of an organisation round here , we have one that dose accounts but no joy recruiting, I'll ask again , many thanks both x
  • Angela_ScopeAngela_Scope Posts: 10Member Connected
    Hi  Mandz

    It can be difficult to recruit part time staff but certainly worth pursuing as this can work out really well.

    Some local authorities (or support organisations) may have a PA register, which is basically a database of local PA's who are looking for this type of work.  So might be worth asking about this too.  In addition to advertising locally you could try advertising in a specialist publication such as The Lady . If you can tell me which local authority area you live in I would be happy to have a look to see if we can find some local support for you around this.  Alternatively give me a call at the helpline on 0808 800 3333.

  • AlexAlex Posts: 1,325Scope Team Scope community team
    edited December 2016
    Hi @Mandz,

    Were you able to find a part-time carer?

    We'd love to hear from you.

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