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Lower rates on PIP

goldtreesgoldtrees Member Posts: 13 Listener
edited October 2016 in PIP, DLA and AA
Good Afternoon

Thank you for all the hard work you have done so far sufferers of the same.

I have fibromyalgia, post traumatic stress disorder and severe depression with an unmanageable malignant high blood pressure for approximately 7 years.  I have had a mild stroke about 7 years ago as well.  I was on the DLA higher rate mobility and middle rate care for the past four years until I was asked to apply for PIP back June 2016.  I was to ill to make the original accessment.  I attended on 19 August and heard yesterday that I was awarded the lower rates for care and mobility.

Some of what the accessor reported I could not recall at all.  I was busy trying to cover my chest because of a nose bleed that occurs when I am too stressed. I had rested up the entire week before so that I could get there.  

The report claims that I looked well nourished and was capable to plan a journey.  Both my husband and noticed my memory failure and some of the dangerous things did occur when I tried to cook like catching the place on fire or leaving the food cooking and trying to take a quick nap that lead into hours.  I no longer cook at all because my hands cannot lift the heavy pots and pans and I just don't have an appetite anymore.   

Although I rested A week before the accessment I was still so tired.  This nose bleeds is normal when I push past the pain barrier to appear normal. My husband was with me but did not go into the assessment room. The assessment only took 20 minutes.  I waited over 30 minutes to be called in and I fell to sleep whilst waiting for the accessor.  Questions were fired at me and before I could complete them another one was there and the accessor was typing my answers. The report claimed I could manage and budget my finance and this is not true.  I do not recall being asked anything about budgets or finance at the accessment. I run up a debt of £39,000 that my husband had to take over with the debt management company. 

With regards to looking well nourished and well fed for months I was managing less and less until I slept most of the day without eating.  Normally when I am rushed to hospital it is usually as a result of malignant high blood pressure and or low potassium/anaemia.  Shortly after the assessment I was taken to the doctor by my husband because he noticed a drop in my memory and response to anything at all. Blood tests revealed that I had high gluclose but I should keep an eye on it and very low iron levels in my body.  He carried out a memory test and referred me to the memory clinic because he had some concerns.  I await that appointment. In the meantime I was prescribed iron tabs.  My husband gave up work to care for me over four ago.

I am going to ask for a reconsideration on the decision when I have the strength to do it.  


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