Cerebral Palsy
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Noise trigger sensitivity

liayn85liayn85 Member Posts: 31 Connected
edited November 2016 in Cerebral Palsy
Anyone else with CP have an extreme sensitivity to sound and have noise triggers? Like loud chewing or slurping? I mean more than getting annoyed by it, like it driving you up a wall.  

When I was younger I would say I had the same sensitivity, but that it is changing and getting more aggravating with age. 
I wonder if it has to do with how the brain rewired or some kind of newborn reflex that didn't properly go away.


  • ZeezeeZeezee Member Posts: 80 Pioneering
    Hi my daughter has been diagnosed with Hyperacuisis, loud noises and certain pitch noises even if they're not loud like drilling, hoovers and hairdryers really irritate her. The loud noises like dogs barking cause her physical pain. It is really difficult to calm her down and then if she is in a similar situation she gets hysterical before she even hears the noise which hurt or irritated her previously. The Audiologist my daughter is under says that although it is not a common problem for people with cp it is an issue she has dealt with regularly. The Audiologist told me to play Pink Noise when my daughter is asleep all night and during her daytime sleeps. I have done this and I have noticed a massive improvement in her tolerance to the offending noises it did take around 7 months to see an improvement but the difference in her tolerance is huge. Hope this helps
  • maryemarye Member Posts: 14 Connected
    I have this problem with certain noises. Chewing; snoring ; loud bangs - the list goes on. I have read that its called misophonia. People without cp also have it so its not unique to cp . I feel that I must get away from the noise. I use headphones and music whenever I can to mask the irritating noises. 
  • FundamentalistFundamentalist Member Posts: 134 Courageous
    Hi, from Fm. I have the most EXTREME noise sensitivity so bad it makes me almost TOTALLY unsociable. This is why I'm well over 50 now and have never had any personal company and I absolutely have to live alone which I've now done for over 30 years and it causes the most absolutely appalling severe disruption to my everyday routine, even just going shopping which is nearly always absolute extreme hell. And of course it means I cannot work and I have to use public transport which is also absolute hell and I've been forced off buses that many times I can't remember how may times. I've even been forced out of my own home which I'm really lucky to have on several occasions because of appalling noise either next door or outside somewhere. It's so bad I can't socialise or be near anyone else socialising because it nearly always results in an appalling angry confrontation and the police being called who of course have absolutely no understanding whatsoever of what's really happening and always try and criminalise me when I'm the victim. I'm not a "mental case" as far too many think because they're trained all wrong and it also means I have to live like a recluse with very few friends and absolutely NO love life which I so need and have done for 40 years but what am I supposed to tell anyone who shows any interest as some women sometimes do, how on earth can I go to a restaurant or cinema, etc. as so many casually take for granted, even plenty of other disabled folk. I'm absolutely sick and tired of seeing places like pubs for instance being advertised as somehow "relaxing", what on EARTH are they talking about, those places are EXTREME hell-holes! Fm.
  • bambam Member Posts: 331 Pioneering
    I feel you. I'm not extremely sensitive to noise but I find noises to be extremely annoying and Troublesome for my ms. Having to listen to Somebody's phone alerts or their TV drive me crazy
  • sarah50sarah50 Member Posts: 119 Pioneering
    Sorry Fundamentalist your story sounds awful. My sensitivity is nowhere near as extreme as yours, but I can't do pubs or clubs and many other sounds crowds or bright lights trigger a physical pain. X
  • Richard_ScopeRichard_Scope Administrator Posts: 2,111 Scope community team
    This is not something I have experienced personally. @sarah50 I'm interested to know more about your sensitivity. Have you spoken to a medical professional about it?
    Specialist Information Officer - Cerebral Palsy
  • sarah50sarah50 Member Posts: 119 Pioneering
    edited October 2018
    Hi Richard_Scope I have ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia. I have read widely on different forums dedicated to these conditions that it is a fairly common trait. I am also temperature sensitive my internal thermostat is wonky 😂 when I get cold I get really cold and can't warm up which causes shivering muscle spasms and increases pain. Noise is very similar it is overwhelming, and feels painful if you can't make it stop or get away. It is thought that ME affects the central nervous system.
  • Richard_ScopeRichard_Scope Administrator Posts: 2,111 Scope community team
    Thanks, @sarah50 it sounds similar to some aspects of Cerebral Palsy. In terms of the spasms.
    Specialist Information Officer - Cerebral Palsy
  • sarah50sarah50 Member Posts: 119 Pioneering
    I have no knowledge of CP so it's very difficult to say but I think it's quite possible that the various symptoms and sensations might be similar. It's quite hard to put different pains and sensations into words. X
  • liayn85liayn85 Member Posts: 31 Connected
    Hi Sarah, I agree that people with CP do have a lot of ME and fibromyalgia symptoms. Thank you for sharing your story. I also have internal temp and cold issues and was diagnosed with Raynauds. It sucks because my core can be really hot and my extremities freezing. 
  • sarah50sarah50 Member Posts: 119 Pioneering
    Can be miserable but stay open to any coping strategy even if it seems odd to others 😂
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