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OlliHannahOlliHannah Posts: 30Member Whisperer

Hi Everyone

I was just wondering whether anyone has had any experience of using the Disabled ID card and could share any feedback on it please?




  • 3_SAMagnify13_SAMagnify1 Posts: 20Member Whisperer
    I didn't know that the disabled ID card How do I go about getting one?

  • OlliHannahOlliHannah Posts: 30Member Whisperer

    Hi 3_SAMagnify1

    If you follow the link http://www.did-card.co.uk/index.php it will take you to the site where you can apply. There is a fee for the card which is why I was interested to see whether anyone has any feedback on it

  • AlexAlex Posts: 220Administrator admin
    I've seen this pop up on Facebook a few times. I'd be really interested in any personal experiences. It seems like a good idea but if the take up is low, it's unlikely businesses will accept it. This seems like a very small business, so I doubt that many people have them.

    There's another similar scheme called the Access Card:

    It's a bit cheaper, and has information about your access requirements on it.

  • MarkmywordsMarkmywords Posts: 37Member Talkative
    How widely recognised would this commercial product be?

    If someone requires you to prove your disability then they are illegally discriminating against you. They would not ask a non-disabled person to prove anything.

    Are you to prove you are not committing a fraud to get their measly concession?
  • AlexAlex Posts: 220Administrator admin
    I imagine it's not widely recognised!

    Unfortunately, lots of businesses require proof - usually a benefits letter, blue badge or disabled bus pass. It's a shame - but I guess businesses need to protect themselves from misuse.
  • OlliHannahOlliHannah Posts: 30Member Whisperer
    I have asked for feedback from some of our Scope services in Wales and it appears that nobody has had any experience of using the card and, not surprisingly, people that are aware of it are put off by the fee
  • SeachySeachy Posts: 7Member Whisperer
    Does anyone have any experience of using this card, there is already so much expense associated with disability, blue badges, wheelchairs, scooters, radar keys etc that every penny saved helps, so paying for another card needs to be worth it, if you know what I mean? So many of my friends thought that all these things were free and were surprised they were not. It is expensive being disabled that we all know. I'd happily carry a card like this if it was widely recognised and perhaps a scheme that allowed it to offer some sort of discount offers would be another way it could become more accepted and recognised
  • mimiweeksmimiweeks Posts: 1Member Listener
    I've got one and have used it at the Eden Project, Blue Reef and Blackpool Towers.
  • MatildaMatilda Posts: 249Member Chatterbox
    edited January 12
    Various arts organisations (museums, galleries, theatres, concert halls, opera houses) have their own Access card, or Access membership but no actual card issued, free to join, enabling members to receive discounts on tickets.  Many other organisations, though not having an Access membership scheme, do offer discounts to disabled people direct without a Disabled ID card but do require some proof of disabled status.
  • 3_SAMagnify13_SAMagnify1 Posts: 20Member Whisperer
    What's The charge for the Disabled Identity Card? andoes is last more than a year?

  • OlliHannahOlliHannah Posts: 30Member Whisperer

    Hi @3_SAMagnify1

    The following answer is from the FQAs on their website:

    A standard online application will cost:
    £10 for 1 year or
    £13 for 2 years.

    A postal application with a cheque or postal order (or a partially online application) will cost:
    £15 for 1 year or
    £18 for 2 years.

    Hope that helps


  • Zec RichardsonZec Richardson Posts: 84Member, Community champion Talkative
    I hate the idea of a disability card!

    It's bad enough that we have to convince someone we are disabled in an assessment, so having to prove disability by producing a card is not forums.

    However I am a wheelchair user and so it is obvious that I am disabled, the people with invisible disabilities may find this useful.
  • OlliHannahOlliHannah Posts: 30Member Whisperer

     Hi Zec

    I absolutely understand where you're coming from and agree that people shouldn't have to 'prove' disability. Unfortunately as I'm sure you are aware people are often very quick to judge others and make decisions on people based on no facts at all which can often lead to difficulties.

    That is why I was interested to see whether anyone had any experience of using a Disability ID card. From the replies so far though there doesn't appear to be any wide knowledge of them never mind wide usage!

    Thanks everyone for your replies :-)


  • MatildaMatilda Posts: 249Member Chatterbox
    A Disability ID card would be useful to prove entitlement to disability discounts, but not essential.  Other forms of disabled status would be accepted:  Disabled Freedom Pass and Blue Badge.
  • rosscolfcrosscolfc Posts: 14Member Whisperer
    Personally I'd like some wallet sized card. I have a driving licence to prove i can drive. 

    Having an invisible disability I often have to "prove" I'm disabled in order to get a concession at events. Just started watching local ice hockey, I can't stand so need a seat, seats are more expensive but I get a consession so I can sit cheaper. Although booking it I'm asked to prove it, my proof is my blue badge and that in the car parked in a disabled bay. 

    And as im not always able to use my walking stick I could swear most think I'm just "trying it on" to get something cheaper!
  • FundamentalistFundamentalist Posts: 79Member Whisperer
    Hi from Fm. I have an orange bus pass because amongst other things I have learning disability. And the card mentioned above wouldn't really help me as I'm disabled in such a way that I can't go to any rowdy events because of all the excruciating noise and dreadful behaviour of the people there. Just as a "disabled" rail card is no use to me either as it's too expensive and I don't use trains anywhere near enough to save anything, it would only be more expensive. I didn't know there was any such ID cards available, do the issuer's recognise misophonia? I bet they don't! And the people who run the nowcard scheme don't recognise it either, I can only get a bus pass which I really need because of all the appalling disruption to my journeys because I have a learning disability, there's no mention of anything like misophonia on the leaflets, and that needs to change. Fm.
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