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What is a "support group" in ESA?

debbie68debbie68 Posts: 1Member Listener
I was on esa but had to go for a medical assessment, they keep sending me there every yr, but my medical will get worse and not much better, they have now taken me off esa and have put me on a "support group" but I don't quite understand what it means, can anyone help


  • bambam Posts: 331Member Pioneering
    [email protected] welcome to the community. My name is Bam. This is a great Community with a lot of love. If you have any questions about your benefits you can scroll down to categories and find the benefit advisor and you can ask them. They know everything and are willing to help at any time. Don't worry yourself. Just take a deep breath and ask them your question
  • wheelygirlwheelygirl Posts: 45Member Courageous
    I think it means that basically means that you can't work and that you know longer have to keep having the same conversation about wherever you're condition is going to get better to the powers that be hop this  helps 
  • Sam_ScopeSam_Scope Posts: 7,732Administrator Scope community team
    Hi @debbie68 I found this about support groups on the Scope page about ESA

    Support group

    The test has a list of activities and descriptions relating to physical and mental, cognitive or intellectual functions. If you satisfy at least one, you're thought to have limited capability for work-related activity and will be placed in the support group.

    People in this group:

    • get a higher rate of ESA
    • are protected from the benefit cap
    • do not have to do specified work-related tasks
    Senior online community officer
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