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Has anyone had Amitriptyline for pain relief?

MolMol Posts: 48Member Whisperer
I have been given Amitriptyline tablets to take for Arthritic pain relief, Can anyone tell me if they are good?


  • mumof3boysmumof3boys Posts: 223Member Chatterbox

    Hi I was given that but had a back reaction,so I'm now on gaberpentin,it numbs the nerve receptors even though it's also prescribed as a antidepressant.......give a go if you feel worst then tell the Dr...
  • MolMol Posts: 48Member Whisperer
    Thank you mumof3boys
  • FundamentalistFundamentalist Posts: 134Member Talkative
    Hi from Fm. I'm glad someone brought this up. I'd like to give a bit of a warning about these pills based on my own experience. Last year (2016) I had to take them for a serious pain in my leg which was so bad I couldn't walk without crutches unless I took the pills as ordinary pain killers like paracetamol wouldn't have any effect. But amitriptyline caused me to absolutely MASSIVELY overheat to the point where I absolutely couldn't stop absolutely drowning in extreme sweat and I had to strip to the waist when just about everyone else was wrapped up like an eskimo so I had to reduce the dose from one a night to only one a week! And they finally worked and when I ran out of them in November I stopped taking them and this time the pain didn't return but I was still seriously overheating and sweating profusely if I tried to do even trivial little jobs. Overheating is listed among the possible side effects but it's a serious understatement as in my case it went absolutely berserk and my temperature went right off the scale. So be warned, take these pills with serious caution. Fm.
  • MolMol Posts: 48Member Whisperer
    Thanks Fundamenthtalist, I have tried Gabapentin which made me go zombified, every other pain killer I have taken has not worked. I will take one tablet tonight and see what reaction I get. Thank you for the warning about overheating.
  • kevstar1kevstar1 Posts: 6Member Listener
    I am gabapentin amatriptyline tramadol and flouxatine but not touching the pain seeing the doctor again soon see what he can do 
  • mumof3boysmumof3boys Posts: 223Member Chatterbox

    I'm not surprised there not working there all counter reacting against each other..
  • mumof3boysmumof3boys Posts: 223Member Chatterbox


    Go to this link and check your meds against each other..
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