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neuropathy pain

wojciechwojciech Posts: 5Member Listener
I am a diabetic suffer really bad neuropathy pain in toes and fingers from freezing to hot feeling to feeling like they have been crushed. at the moment I am on amitriptyline for the pain but doesn't seem to be helping at night the pain can keep me awake so the day after I am so tired. if anyone else suffers from this pain how do you cope have you found anything that helps the pain. the main feeling is my socks are twisted get my shoe off but they are ok feeling like toes are twisted.


  • wildlifewildlife Posts: 1,316Member Pioneering
    [email protected], Sorry to hear you are suffering so much. I have neuropathy in my legs from the knees downwards. I use Alpha Lipoic acid and your post reminded me I'd forgotten to take it for a while and my symptoms are worse. This may or may not help but you might want to try it. I'm a lady of 66 and I wear trousers all the time but whenever I put socks on, even loose fitting ones, the symptoms are a lot worse. I've been trying to convince DWP that I need help with showering which is over the bath because of this but they just said I have pain killers but they don't work for this condition. Maybe you'd like to try and work out the cause of the problem which is diabetes. I'm not diabetic so don't know much about nerve damage caused by this. I agree that Amitriptyline doesn't help as I'm on it too but it does help you sleep. There are lots of alternative treatments that might help or a good physiotherapist might be able to pin point any nerves that are trapped. I don't get a lot of pain with mine just numbness, tingling burning, muscle weakness loss of balance. I swear by alternative remedies and treatment but you have to find the right ones and experimenting can be costly. Hope that gives you a few ideas....
  • wojciechwojciech Posts: 5Member Listener
    Wildlife hope we can both find some comfort soon neuropathy so painful it can stop you doing things as you say loss of balance.  But the dwp don't seem to care I use a wheelchair but have crutches for small walks but can't use these now because can't hold them properly same in the wheelchair can't push myself because of the pain in hands. Can't stand for more than a few seconds because of spinal problems. But again dwp don't care it took them 6 minths to get a proper medical done after all the problems they had getting me into buildings for medicals I got an home visit but got awarded pip for 2 years so will have to go through all the tests and medicals again in just over 12 months.
  • primeprime Posts: 1Member Listener
    Here's two things Ii have found that are great for neuropathy pain.  One is to use a TENS device each morning on my feet, and the other is to use a foot pain cream developed for diabetics.  Using both of these has decreased my pain and discomfort enormously!
  • cherifcherif Posts: 3Member Listener
    Hi wojciech
    Can I ask you something please.
    I suffer from diabeties and have very severe neuropathy to my feet and hands.  I take lots of pain killers for neuropathy.  I take Asparin, Paracetemol ,Gabapentin maximum dose 3600mg , Amitriptylline, Lidocaine patches and Morphine when the pain wont settle at bed time.
    Do you receive the enhanced rate PIP for mobility or standard rate? I was awarded enhanced for personal care and standard for mobility.
    I am going to challenge this I think as my mobility is severeley affected.
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