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Talking about your impairment or condition at work

At Scope, we're carrying out research in to experiences at work.

To do this, we are interviewing people about sharing information about their impairment or condition with their employer and colleagues.

We would be interested to hear from people who haven’t discussed their impairment or condition with their employer as well as people who have.

We are recruiting people who:

·         Are aged 16-64.

·         Are currently in work

·         Live in England or Wales

Interviews will be held in July and August 2017 and at a location that best suits each interviewee.

Interviewees will receive a £10 gift voucher for their time.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in taking part or want more information, please contact Scope’s Researcher Melanie Wilkes on 0207 619 7278 or at melanie.wilkes@scope.org.uk


  • dogfatherdogfather Posts: 61Member Whisperer
    If they want to speak to me, I am happy to be interviewed however I have already given up work, due to my disability. It was an interesting journey from working to retirement on health grounds.
  • Sam_ScopeSam_Scope Posts: 3,645Administrator Scope community team
    @Bellasaurus would you be interested in this?
  • MelWilkesMelWilkes Posts: 9Member Listener
    Hi @dogfather

    Thanks for your interest in the project.

    Perhaps we could have a call or email to talk it through further? If you could drop me a line 0207 619 7278 or at melanie.wilkes@scope.org.uk to 
    let me know how and when best to reach you I could get back in touch. 


  • basiclee08basiclee08 Posts: 71Member Talkative
    If they want to talk to me or add us to research  that's fine with me too.
  • MarkmywordsMarkmywords Posts: 240Member Chatterbox
    I'd be glad to discuss my experiences. I have a few tales to tell and court cases to show for it. :s

    I'm not available during office hours though. Also any venue needs to be reasonably near and accessible of course.
  • rfk1974rfk1974 Posts: 1Member Listener
    Hi Melanie, 
    I've recently had to give up working because of my disability and problems with staff attitudes and bullying. I hoped that I could continue in my role but took ill health retirement as I felt like I was forced out. I was a Staff Nurse for a NHS Trust.
  • MelWilkesMelWilkes Posts: 9Member Listener
    Hi @Markmywords Thanks for your interest in taking part. On your point around the location and timing of interviews, that should be fine. We would look to arrange the interview at a time that works well for each participant. I can travel to meet with people at a location that they choose, or if they prefer, we'll carry out the interview by telephone or by Skype. If that sounds ok, could you drop me an email at melanie.wilkes@scope.org.uk or call me on 02076197278 so that we can talk through the next steps? Thanks, Melanie
  • MelWilkesMelWilkes Posts: 9Member Listener
    Hi @basiclee08 Would you be able to drop me an email at melanie.wilkes@scope.org.uk or call me on 02076197278 so that we can talk through the next steps? Thanks for coming back to me on this, Melanie
  • MelWilkesMelWilkes Posts: 9Member Listener
    Hi @rfk1974 I'm sorry to hear that, it sounds like you've had a really difficult time. Could you email me at melanie.wilkes@scope.org.uk or call me on 02076197278 so that we can talk through whether this research opportunity would be right for you? Thanks Melanie
  • DannyMooreDannyMoore Posts: 631Member Chatterbox
    Hi @MelWilkes,

    I can't be interviewed because not everything about my job meets your criteria, some will view it as a voluntary job while others will just view it as I'm helping someone. I'm still willing to share with you how others have reacted to my conditions.

    I'm a member of a WTF Taekwondo and Self-Defence class, a couple of years ago I was promoted to the high ranks and began helping the instructor teach and advise his students. Sometimes he's unable to attend so I take the class for him as if I'm a supply teacher.

    The main disabilities I have are two types of epilepsy and Asperger's Syndrome (ASD). When I joined the class in year 2009 I had to tell the teacher about my conditions not just for my own safety, but for the safety of others around me. My epileptic seizures are very aggressive, some mornings I wake up after having a sleep seizure finding that I put holes into doors and walls.

    The instructor I help made necessary adjustments for my safety and has treat me with equality. As I progressed through the last eight years he's being amazed with how I've succeeded even though I have Asperger's. I shared with the other students my conditions, especially my Asperger's.

    Something I've kept doing is trying to increase the awareness of autism. Some of the students who I usually talk to were always asking me how have I done so well. I told them because I'm on the Autism Spectrum and people on the spectrum have the ability to hyper-focus. After sharing that with them they became very interested with autism.

    So people there find my ideas, thoughts, solutions to problems very surprising and interesting making them ask me more about my life as an Aspie, past and present time.

    Don't Fear Your True Self
  • kjmillardkjmillard Posts: 1Member Listener
    edited June 19
    I work full time and have diagnosed bipolar. My work is aware of my condition and have had evidence from my doctor. Am happy to discuss my experience, live in Chichester, West Sussex 
    kind regards
    kirsti millard
  • ajnjdajnjd Posts: 1Member Listener
    edited July 2

    I work full time and have dyslexia. For most of my, short career, I left my difficulty undisclosed. However, in my most recent post I decided I needed to disclose it to my employer and I am very happy that I did.

    I would be happy to offer any help I can to your research and will do so without the incentive.

  • FluffyJoJoFluffyJoJo Posts: 4Member Listener
    edited July 30
    Hi, I'm new to this forum and am having an issue at the moment. I've posted details of this in my introduction to the group today. I'm willing to discuss this further but am not sure I'd be able to attend an interview.
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