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cordia quina syndrome

caroleroycaroleroy Posts: 2Member Listener
edited March 19 in Disabled people
help I want to integrate into the community get out socialise try some fitness regime I'm 62and have cordia quina syndrome had it for 2 and half yr I find it very difficult to stand more than a minute and can only walk very short distances with crutches I'm also in constant pain with my back my legs mainly bellow the knee and my feet I was big to begin with but put 5 stone on in the last 2 yr I have just found out I have diabetis I desperately want to get off my settee and out of my house I do have a smallish scooter to take me to local places but what do I do when I get there and where to? I live in leeds 16 and can manage as far as kirkstall and bk. ps any friends I did have don't live local and seem to want me to go see them .please try and help thankyou


  • simonsablesimonsable Posts: 76Member Connected
    Thank you for your enquiry. How I don't quite understand your question. Do you want to know want to know what is local which your wants and needs?

  • caroleroycaroleroy Posts: 2Member Listener
    maybe I have this wrong but I thought amongst other things this is what you can help with, is there somewhere local I can go where I wont feel out of place  either or keeping fit and socialising  I cant swim cos I cant walk into the water I cant stand up I would feel out of place anyway I would feel out of place at the gym do you know what other disabled people do how can I get a bit fitter  how can I meet people like myself thankyou
  • simonsablesimonsable Posts: 76Member Connected
    Try investigating different clubs. Think of your hobbies and search for any groups that have the same interests as you.

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