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Emotional support dog advice please!

joannarashellejoannarashelle Posts: 135Member Pioneering
edited June 2017 in Mental health issues
Hello all could someone advise me how or where I could find out if I could get an 'emotional support' dog?

I have PTSD and have always had pet dogs and other animals that have all enabled me and comforted me throughout my life. 

Recently lost my beloved Golden Retriever 'Honey' and am lost without her, am on waiting lists for Retriever Rescue but wondered if there is an organisation that supplies assistance dogs for people with mental health struggles in England? 

I know now there are assistance dogs for people with physical struggles but not aware of any that do the same for mental health issues. 

Thanks to anyone who assists 

Joanna x 


  • dogfatherdogfather Posts: 61Member Connected

    i am not certain if there is an organisation in the
  • SeanRyanSeanRyan Posts: 66Member Connected
    edited June 2017
    Hi @joannarashelle

      I am not aware of any for PTSD as the cost of training is so high for each animal. The waiting list for a disabled one is huge. I have to make do with my two cats. Sorry to hear about Honey. I am a great believer in having a pet and they do more for your health than a lot of the medications. I hope you find an answer x
  • dogfatherdogfather Posts: 61Member Connected
    edited May 2017

    i am not certain if there is an organisation which can help. My suggestion would be to contact guide dogs to see if they have any pups/ dogs that may not have made the grade who need rehoming! 
  • joannarashellejoannarashelle Posts: 135Member Pioneering
    Thankyou @SeanRyan and @dogfather,

    I'm on a waiting list for a dog that hasn't quite 'made the grade' as a guide dog, I'm with other peoples (troubled) dogs everyday and so get my fix as it were of enabling animals something I've always done, as they've enabled me my whole life! 
    But it's tremendously painful without my own girl (Honey) to go back to she was so balanced, apart from the fact I would've given my life for her (as all my other animals before her) 

    Wish me luck in the right dog coming to me! 
    It has to be the right one though my heart would take any xx
  • DasiydoDasiydo Posts: 94Member Courageous
    I sorry for your lost I also lost pet dog Darcy and could not cope without her but now got two wonful cats. So once again sorry for your lost
  • ash_the_crayonash_the_crayon Posts: 1Member Listener
    hey unfortunatly emotional support dogs are not yet recognised as assistance dogs in the uk and therefore are not put in place feel free to sign and share this petition to bring this subject to debate at the house of commons 
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