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Carer's allowance stopped while waiting for DLA renewal - what now?

AnnaSpannerAnnaSpanner Posts: 3Member Listener
Hi, hoping someone could help! Am claiming CA as the mother of a child who has been on high rate care element of DLA. Because of not having an awful lot of spare time to myself due to said caring responsibilities and it being summer holidays, I only just renewed the DLA and got all the forms in about a month before the deadline. The deadline was about a week ago, posted the DLA renewal around 25th August. 
Anyway, this morning I had a letter saying my Carer's has stopped because the person I'm caring for no longer is claiming for DLA. Obviously she is, we're just waiting on a response.
Please can anyone tell me what happens now? Will I have to just wait and then completely reapply for Carers as soon as a decision is reached? Should I phone them? Will it be backdated? We also get tax credits - assume I will have to tell them or can I wait until I find out the decision? 
Thanks in advance for any advice :smile:


  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 5,646Member, Community champion Brian Blessed
    Hi, i think you need to ring DLA because you may find that the DLA for your child has stopped. Either they didn't recieve the form in time or a decision's been made on the DLA and your child has been refused this time. Do you claim Income Support as well as Carers Allowance? If so then this will also stop. Please call DLA to ask.
  • AnnaSpannerAnnaSpanner Posts: 3Member Listener
    Hi, and thanks for reply
    I am pretty sure they just didn't process the renewal yet. I would be really surprised if she's been refused DLA this time after previously being on the higher rate - really hope not anyway! They acknowledged receipt of her renewal at the very start of September and the absolute deadline was 25th September. So I am assuming that we are a few weeks away from a response perhaps?
    I don't get income support, no.
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 5,646Member, Community champion Brian Blessed
    There must be something wrong because your Carer Allowance has stopped. As they recieved the forms at the start of September it's possible that a decision's been made already. The only reason they would have stopped your carers is if her DLA has been stopped. DWP very often let other departments know the outcome before we recieve a letter. If her DLA has stopped then you would need to contact HMRC about the tax credits. It has been know for other to be on higher rate and then at review be refused and lost everything.

    The only way to get your answer would be to ring DLA and ask, otherwise you'll be second guessing until that letter arrives.
  • AnnaSpannerAnnaSpanner Posts: 3Member Listener
    edited October 2017
    Hi, and thanks again :)
    For anyone else in this situation - I spoke to Carer's allowance adviser on telephone and they said it was just because last DLA payment was 24th September and as DLA have not made a decision yet, I will have to wait for their decision and then unfortunately have to re-apply for Carer's allowance :s , but if I do still qualify it CAN be backdated to the 25th September (as will the DLA once they know what level because we got the paperwork in before the deadline). Until then I just have to wait. Estimated time to process DLA renewal is 8 weeks and it's only been about 5?

  • BenefitsTrainingCoBenefitsTrainingCo Posts: 2,537Member, Community advisor Chatterbox

    Hi @AnnaSpanner

    What a pain! When you get the DLA decision rather than a new claim you could just ask Carer's Allowance to revise their decision to stop Carer's Allowance, that's just a letter (with the header REVISION REQUEST) rather than a whole form, but still not ideal.

    I would also recommend giving DLA a call every now and again to remind them that you are still waiting for your decision.

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards,


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