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Dealing with painful arthritic conditions

JudithstobbartJudithstobbart Posts: 2Member Listener
edited December 2017 in Dealing with chronic pain
Anyone else suffering painful arthritic conditions if so I would love some advice on dealing with pain


  • Sam_ScopeSam_Scope Posts: 7,732Administrator Scope community team
    Hi @Judithstobbart welcome to the community, do you see anyone in the specialist pain teams?
    Senior online community officer
  • ChaoskayChaoskay Posts: 74Member Courageous
    Good evening!  Or should I say 'Good morning!.  It's a tad late and I should be asleep really, but I wanted to fit a quick reply in to you.  
    I have inflammatory arthritis, possibly rheumatoid arthritis or something - they're not sure what it is yet really.  I totally understand how awful the pain can be, even holding a cup of tea can be a challenge sometimes when I flare.
    Have you been referred to a consultant or are you in the process of waiting to see someone?  If you are, what medications are you on?  It took about 6 weeks for my meds to kick in, only then did the pain ease off, although it does still flare sometimes now.  
    As regards non-medicated quick relief from pain;  I swear by hot baths, heat pads you can warm up in the microwave, alternating hot and cold compresses on swollen joints, crafting to distract myself from pain, resting during flares and most importantly, talking to others who understand so you don't feel alone with the pain.  
    I hope that helps a little and I'm always happy to chat on here.  Take care.  :)

  • JudithstobbartJudithstobbart Posts: 2Member Listener
    Thank you for the above have been under a consultant as far as they could help me and have been discharged with the advice to look online for tips on managing my condition will Certainly try your tips above thank you for showing interest in my query hope you are keeping as well as you can be x
  • svssvs Posts: 2Member Listener
    I have been coping with arthritic pain with tramadol,paracetamol.Cant use codine or ibuprofen so limited with what i can use.After my first knee replacement I was topped up with oramorph.I find soaking in a very hit bath,ice packs an heat pads.
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