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I recorded my PIP Assessment and the assessor was sacked for gross misconduct

farm73farm73 Posts: 1Member Listener
edited January 10 in Talk about PIP/ DLA
while having my pip accesment my  pip accesor lied 3 times on info that i informed her. but what she didn't know that i recorded every thing on my phone. the decision was overturned and i later found out that she was sacked gross misconduct. record every thing on phone


  • Sam_ScopeSam_Scope Posts: 4,089Administrator Scope community team
    Hi @farm73

    Welcome to the community, I do need to point out that secretly recording your assessment is not advised as if you are found out, they can end your assessment.

    The rules around recording your assessment by capita are:
    Should you wish, you may use your own equipment to record the face-to-face consultation. This must be undertaken in line with the following DWP rules:
    • You need to notify us before your appointment that you will like to record your assessment by calling our Enquiry Centre on 0808 1788 114.
    • You will need to provide your own audio-recording equipment. Your recording equipment must be able to produce two identical copies of the recording at the end of the assessment, either on audio cassette or CD. Mobile phones and laptops are not suitable mediums for recording assessments.
    • You will need to give one copy of the recording to the assessor, at the end of the appointment.
    • You will need to sign an agreement that sets out what you are and are not allowed to do with the recording.
    • We will retain a copy of the recording for a maximum of 14 months, at which point it will be destroyed. We do not pass on the recordings to the DWP and they are not used in determining your entitlement or award.
    • Should you attempt to record the assessment without having contact us first and agreeing to the above guidelines, then your assessment is likely to be stopped and we may return your case to the DWP.
  • Jojo21Jojo21 Posts: 1Member Listener
    After the assessor at my partners ESA assessment put so many ridiculous lies in her report last year I have been seriously thinking of covertly recording the PIP assessment that we are now facing. I've been researching for hours trying to find out if it's worth doing and your post has done it for me. I wish I had done it at the ESA medical because there would have been proof that she did not examine him and proof that he didn't do "squats" at the assessment!! The option of buying the dual recorders is not possible for me and so this is my only option. Planning on keeping the phone recording in my pocket, is this what you did!?  I know the risks but we cannot go through the hell we went through last year all over again. I will take my chances and will feel so much better knowing I have something to back us up if/when the assessor makes a false report.  
  • CockneyRebelCockneyRebel Posts: 2,232Member, Community champion Chatterbox
    It is not necessary to buy a dual recorder. Two relatively cheap cassette recorders can be used and is an acceptable method to provide a complete and accurate copy at the end of the assessment.. New unopened cassettes should be used. External microphones will give a better sound quality

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