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CBT and similar treatments

keirakeira Posts: 42Member Whisperer
If a person with depression/anxiety has tried these treatments and they didn't get much help from them or found them too stressful can this be held against them when applying for benefits as they are not currently engaging in them?


  • jamie1965jamie1965 Posts: 85Member Whisperer
    Good question I had both and am no longer receiving treatment even though I completed a full year with both sooner or later it ends they cannot keep going on for the rest of your life so I would like to know the answer to this also 
  • keirakeira Posts: 42Member Whisperer
    Hi Jamie,
    Did they use this as an excuse for you too when trying to get PIP or similar?

  • jamie1965jamie1965 Posts: 85Member Whisperer
    They said that I should still need treatment and maybe I should contact my doctor I still got my pip because of other illness but my mental health has gone down hill since finding more health issues and my work refusing to let me work from home so slightly worried what they will say when my 4 years is up shortly 
  • keirakeira Posts: 42Member Whisperer
    Sometimes though for the reasons given in my original post, these treatments have been exhausted or a person might not be ready etc to engage in them. But it still seems to be used as an excuse to stop us getting what we are entitled to?

  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 533Member Chatterbox
    Hello @keira   I never heard of this be penalised for not having benefits.  I had CBT and my opinion does not work, for me any way.

    Had nearly 25 sessions, to who's cost, I tried really I did.  Liked the lady helping me, only half hour.  Also the charity concerned.

    I am very much surprised if you get stopped for applying for benefits because treatment supposed to cure you of your illness.

    I wonder what next failure to go to rehab and clinic, stop benefits because you keep drinking or taking drugs.  Effecting your mental and physical health unable to work because of the addiction history you have.  

    It is no easy matter having a addiction history speaking personally, it comes up all the time when getting assessed for benefits.  Even though been clean for eleven years.

    I do get my benefits.  I hope the DWP do not go down this route.  Making sure if we as a community are penalised for not having treatment.  What ever the issue or problem.

    I would be very anxious and concerned not only for me the community as well.

    What is the view and opinion of SCOPE.?  Any body else?

  • jamie1965jamie1965 Posts: 85Member Whisperer
    I wonder if there is anyone we can contact who deals with esa and pip that could advise there must be somewhere people can get the riling and guidelines they have to use what I have seen up to now on the gov website is never clear 
  • jamie1965jamie1965 Posts: 85Member Whisperer
    I know I never got point for my mental health which it unbelievable cause I’m on anti depressants and was under the mental health team but no longer receiving regular treatment there simply there now if I become suicidal 
  • keirakeira Posts: 42Member Whisperer
    They also used the excuse no medication or low levels of medication!
  • jamie1965jamie1965 Posts: 85Member Whisperer
    Wow so they just make it up as they go along best thing is they get big money to do what they do it’s a joke and disgusting 
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 533Member Chatterbox
    Hello @jamie1965 Pleased to meet you, I assume some one from SCOPE might comment, they usually do.

    I would not contact DWP they probably not really get a straight answer, god knows I tried many, many times.  That silly music in your head.  Remember what DWP means, Disabled Wont Pay or Play up to you.

    I been on benefits since eighties and nineties, so I assume they would have told me. My concern is if start to think and then get it stuck in your head it can effect you mentally.  Never try to worry.  My lovely support worker would say, you will make yourself ill.

    Just care about people on the forum.  I understand the question and it one I hope the DWP do not engage with.

    I used to get reassessed every two years regarding my addiction history, mental state physical disability.  The told fit to work , another 18 months signing on, another assessment and around we go again.  Telling me next one again unfit, and so on.  This from early nineties.

    Please can you understand that .  I just want to say I had enough issues with them to write a book, film, comedy play.  You could not make it up.

    Nice to talk to you hope to speak to you again.

  • PippaScopePippaScope Posts: 1,771Administrator Scope community team
    Hi @keira, this is a good question and not one I've come across before. Personally I shouldn't think that this should make any difference if the treatments are clearly not working for the person in question, however as I'm sure you know, it's difficult to predict what an assessor will think or report. 

    Could I ask if you're trying any different treatments/approaches at the moment? Again, this is completely personal opinion, but maybe it could be beneficial if you could demonstrate or have evidence that you're still actively trying to manage your condition?
  • keirakeira Posts: 42Member Whisperer
    The DWP seem to play down the severity of mental health conditions when the person is not receiving any specialist type of treatments or taking medication/low levels of medication. This is a very narrow minded view in my opinion. As Pippa says sometimes the treatment doesn't work. But they still seem to mark people down for PIP etc for this reason! I think if you can show that you have tried and the treatments were ineffective, then it shouldn't make a difference. But arguing that point with them just falls on deaf ears!
  • VictoriadVictoriad Posts: 231Member Chatterbox
    You were lucky being offered CBT as instead I had to endure the horrible side effects of medication such as very dry mouth which impaired my speech patterns as my tongue kept sticking to the roof of my mouth.

    Not to mention the damage to my teeth due to reduced production of saliva.

    A dramatic fall in blood pressure which at times made me have dizzy spells.

    A fuzzy head so I couldn’t think coherently and lethargy so bad at times that I just want to sleep ALL day and not even venture outside my door.

    Final straw was losing my driving liscence.

    Not from drink or substance abuse but the class of medication I was forced to take under hospital supervision.

    You don’t get points on Pip because you have depression or anxiety per se, as Pip does not work on the actual diagnosis and treatment but on the specifics of your care plan and whether you are in need of and receiving the help required to carry this out.

    I also get the impression Pip, is not awarded on the basis of how many times you visit your GP, unlike ESA.

    I have been awarded Pip, after many years not claiming anything including Incapacity Allowance as I was so down that I was just taking it all one day at a time.

    I had been stopped from continuing my previous career or persuing a new line of employment by GP refusing to give me a clean bill of health,yet he won’t provide me with a sick note so I can apply for ESA!..........which I thought stood for Employment Support Allowance to help people like me who want help and support to find suitable. meaningful employment.

    Yes its a strange old world right enough.

  • PurposefulPurposeful Posts: 7Member Listener
    Hi I'm new to all of this. My support officer from CABA filled out my pip form as I have depression/agoraphobia and shoulder  and back problem. I use a walking stick suggested by my GP because of the spasms I cannot sit down for any length of time, but I cannot stand up either for any length of time. Will they get me to walk to see how far I walk because I don't know how far because of my agoraphobia. Any advice?
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