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CarlyballCarlyball Posts: 2Member Listener
edited February 2018 in Ask a parenting advisor
My son has adhd/add he has trouble sleeping normally wakes up through night has night terrors but now he has not been asleep at all since Tuesday and i don't no what to do


  • lindscunanelindscunane Posts: 2Member Listener
    My son has medication when he is struggling to sleep.. not all the time. He has chloral hydrate which gets him to sleep. 
    Its hard to function with little or no sleep. 
    Can his consultant not give you some advice? 

    Good luck x
  • Lasian_ScopeLasian_Scope Posts: 660Member Pioneering
    Hi @Carlyball

    Have you had a look at if some of our tips for sleep would be useful? As @lindscunane asked, has his consultant been able to help?
  • CarlyballCarlyball Posts: 2Member Listener
    Thank u for your replies this has only started to happen this week I'm hoping its because of half term I've looked at a weighted blanket x
  • ParentingAdvisorVikkiParentingAdvisorVikki Posts: 45Member Connected
    Hi @Carlyball
    A lot of children with add/adhd struggle to settle to sleep. 
    Is it getting him to bed, him falling asleep, or him staying asleep that is an issue? 
    If it is getting him to feel tired, I would look at your routine. If it is getting him to fall asleep I would suggest looking into melatonin or alternative - melatonin is naturally produced by the body, some children with add/adhd/asd etc do not produce enough and therefore cannot go to sleep without a topup. If its keeping him asleep I would look at moving anything electrical out of his room - even the tiniest light on a tv or stereo etc can trick their brain into thinking its day time and will wake them up! 
    What do you do for a bed time routine?
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