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Still waiting ggrr

gypsygypsy Posts: 3Member Listener


I was suppose to have had my reassessment in Jan of this year home visit after my daughter and myself sat waiting alllllllllll day no one came got to 3.30pm told my daughter to go home as it's a bit of a walk home (out in the sticks) when it's dark . My daughter phoned them to find out what had happened to be told the lady that was suppose to come was ill lol (wonder if she got sanctioned :/ ) they don't have my phone number due to me being hearing impaired so no way to let me know .

Now the waiting game not heard owt from them as yet not going to rock the boat as I still get my money .

Anyone had this happen and how long was it before you heard owt ? im getting stressed out it's unbelievable I already have a sleep disorder this is making it so much worst as you can imagine lack of sleep also brings mental health really getting me down not knowing .

Thank you for reading x


  • lillybellelillybelle Posts: 455Member Chatterbox
    You can either rock the boat and call them to arrange a reassessment
    try and put it at the back of your mind and carry on with your monthly payments.
      I know which one I would do
  • whistleswhistles Posts: 1,603Member Brian Blessed
    Do you have a mobile? Could they have text you they were not coming. 
    Do not follow me, I don't know where I am going.
  • gypsygypsy Posts: 3Member Listener

    lillybelle I'm not going to rock the boat as said not while i'm still getting money it's just the waiting game I hate stressing me out :( odd days .

    No mobile Whistles they don't work here that well plus I don't like em lol

  • mikehughescqmikehughescq Posts: 3,160Member Brian Blessed
    Provided payment is still in place I would leave well alone. 
  • tommtomm Posts: 157Member Chatterbox
     Why give them Mobile and land line numbers it only works in their favour the majority of the time
  • gypsygypsy Posts: 3Member Listener

    I am leaving it be as long as I'm still getting payments :) just stressed of the not knowing when....

    no worries there dwp don't have my number being hearing impaired I can only talk to people I really know on phone (family real close friends) otherwise im stuck to whats being said don't own a mobile but even if I did wouldn't give it out to them rather my daughter phone them if needs be on withheld number phone .

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