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Fibromyalgia pain

GalvizachGalvizach Posts: 1Member Listener
edited March 2018 in Dealing with chronic pain
Hi everyone I am hoping to get some feed back concerning fibromyalgia as it’s such a painful diseas to deal with, what do others think and what has helped you? 


  • markyboymarkyboy Posts: 367Member Pioneering
    edited March 2018
    Hi i have been taking green lipped mussel tablets from Holland and Baratt i am now in my 2nd month in taking them and the improvement is amazing.
    Theses are supplements and completely harmless  I just take them with meals and take prescription meds as normal
  • Lasian_ScopeLasian_Scope Posts: 660Member Pioneering
    Welcome to the community @Galvizach!

    I have moved this post over to our "dealing with chronic pain" group so that members with similar experiences can comment.

    Also, although members can discuss their own medical situation and experiences, it is against community rules to post medical advice or request any. 

    I hope this helps, please get in touch if you have any questions!

  • MisscleoMisscleo Posts: 581Member Pioneering
    Iv had fibromyalgia since 1983. There isnt a cure. 
    Im on mophine and codine for the pain but they just take the edge off.
    Never heard of lipped mussel tablets. Are you sure they are anything to do with fibromyalgia??
    I doubt it very much.
    The hospitals would know if they did anything to help.
    Anyway glad your feeling better.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 66Member Courageous
    I have  also  been  discharged from the military for  fibromyalgia.   Collection of  tabs.
    U  have  to  live  with it   and the flare ups.
    +  mood disorder.
  • nickymbriggsnickymbriggs Posts: 1Member Listener
    I have been living with fibromyalgia for many years and my morphine use was massive but wasn't really helping so I asked to go to pain clinic as I know that long term use of any drug after a while you get used to them and they don't work ...so after a short wait I got put on matrifen patches I think that's what they are called they have changed me over slowly and I am off morphine now and on patches only and hopefully after a while I will be reduced off them as to be honest nothing helps with the pain and I don't want to become addicted ...
  • HenryHenry Posts: 66Member Courageous
    Nickymbriggs.    The reality is... grin  &  bare. 
  • ToffeeToffee Posts: 176Member Pioneering
    My Dr thinks I may have this  I no nothink on it any advice would be great full the pain all over my body is unreal and stiffness can be bad 
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