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thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 6,018Community champion Disability Gamechanger
Moroccan Lamb with Chickpeas and Aubergine

You will need Food processor
Kettle Boiling water
Measuring Spoons

Saute pan

Lamb Mince Pack
2 or 3 onions small or medium
Passata Carton
Tomato Puree
Stockcube chicken 2
Tin Chickpeas
Moroccan Spice Mix half a tablespoon
or Following
Cumin, Coriander, Cinnamon Tumeric
half teaspoon each
Plus from a jar garlic, ginger puree I teaspoon each
Harissa one eighth teaspoon or more if you wish
Lemon juice from a bottle
Herbs Parsley or Coriander
Dried if no fresh Mint or Thyme
I teaspoon each.

1. Fry mince oil sear brown.  Saute pan

2.  Using food processor use to chop onions slicer attachment  Add to pan, colour a little bit

3.  Bowl boiling water kettle add all spices what you are using.  Touch to make a paste.

4.  Add Spices from bowl plus garlic, ginger, harissa, stockcube, tomato puree mix in.  To pan Add here dried herbs if using.

5.   Add carton passata touch water cover simmer few minutes.  Check for seasoning adjust.

6.  Add chickpeas plus diced aubergine in to cubes.  Cover on simmer for five minutes check 

7.  Add herbs fresh Parsley or Coriander 

8 Lemon juice if need just a few drops on simmer further five minutes.

9.  Can be frozen in zip bags with aubergine just add chickpeas when defrosting

10 serve with bulgar wheat or couscous.


  • susan48susan48 Posts: 2,227Member Disability Gamechanger
    silly question can you use beef instead of lamb, I don't like it but the recipe sounds lovely, if my mum or friend will help
  • susan48susan48 Posts: 2,227Member Disability Gamechanger
    oh and id need to buy lots of spices
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 6,018Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @susan48 Thank you for reply you can use what ever you like, this is a recipe adapt to your own devices.

    Moroccan food use meat like mince make into what they call Koftes little cigar shaped meatballs season with any spices your stock cupboard has.

    Do this with fish Jamie just been on done similar recipe with any white fish.  Sea Bass bit expensive.  Sea bream or Salmon do OK .  Any Med style fish go with what ever you wish.  Coley, Pollack or similar.

    By way do you do not need to buy loads of spices.

    The stores I have is vast go any where in the world.  Recipes built over years.  Look on the spices shelves at the supermarket.  They do Moroccan Spice blend use that.

    Plus other spice mixes have a look.  All spices read up and watch people like Jamie 15 minute meals learn ideas and tips.  Look on TV food network simple ideas.

    Understand do buy a few to use own brand it helps.  I would buy Cumin, Coriander, Cinnamon, Tumeric, Paprika.   Fennel Seeds. Just a selection

    Use them daily try what you like, that's why just try on meals.  Measure out always into a bowl with a touch of boiling water.  All spices ground have oils just a little bit this agitates the oils.  They can burn if added to a dish with out water.

    You can add to a dish but with a touch of water.  Told by me by Indian cooks .

    Understand this welcome to the wonderful world of spices.

    Ideas Cinnamon and Coriander with Chicken , Pork, Beef, Lamb
    Fennel seeds with yoghurt fruit. Sausages Pork Chicken Beans Pulses
    Tumeric ideas for Bean Soups Pulses
    Cumin Beans Pulses Soups
    Paprika Pork, Chicken, Pasta, Beef

    Hope any of this helps, I have not included Chilli or Cayenne .  That is up to you choose a mild chilli or from a jar careful measure out.

    My tolerance to chillis built over the years is about medium.  Up to Madras Curry or just above.

    Wish the best come back ask me anything you wish.

    My office is always open to any questions.

    Take care

    The one and only spiceman
  • susan48susan48 Posts: 2,227Member Disability Gamechanger
    Thanks spiceman,
    i love hot food, chicken madras is a favourite when I have an appetite.
    sadly not so right now, microwave rubbish which ends up in the bin.
    i will first off by buying some spices. 
    Many thanks 
    The food supreme Spiceman 
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 6,018Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @susan48 Thank you reply.  I forgot to add buy Curry spice pastes.  The Indian cooks I have met do.  Usually in the Supermarket you get Balti or Rojan Josh which is ideal for a beginner or some one like your self.

    I know I said Madras my level of heat I could not remember the actual name of the Indian spice mix.  Because Madras and Tikka Masala do not exsist in India.

    Even though we have them here in the Supermarkets.  Another good tip is to buy Mango Chutney .  Because that has good spices in it.  I use it with my own curry spice blend, plus on your shopping list should be ginger garlic paste and coconut milk.

    Use also Thai Green Curry and Red Pastes as you would a stew, as they would in their own countries that what I do.

    People use them like stir fry pastes.  Not so, also not the takeaway versions.

    Have a go making some thing, you bought microwave rubbish you say have a go.  Make something simple.  Use what's available supermarket and use some of the ready to use meat .  All done for you diced beef or lamb or chicken.  Try vegetables.  Perhaps fish.  Your choice.  Small steps, write out stage by stage how you are going to do this.  Then you can remember it next time.  Trust me this what I do also a lot chef's cooks do first.  Give yourself a budget.

    Bullets and numbers, plan your meals take your time, start slowly.

    Curries area stew remember named after the dish you cook it in Kurai I think it is pronounced.

    So use a slow cooker.  Start on the hob and then transfer to slow cooker.

    Hope you get inspired and remember you can do this.  I have days not well but I am proud to do a simple supper every night.

    Remember less is more.  Which means try a few ingredients to make a meal.

    Most important of all have fun and enjoy.

    The spiceman

  • susan48susan48 Posts: 2,227Member Disability Gamechanger
    Hi think chicken, fed, madras paste in a slow cooker, pan fry it all then transfer to slow snooker, low or high stetting got how long?
  • susan48susan48 Posts: 2,227Member Disability Gamechanger
    And do the jar pastes need water?
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 6,018Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @susan48 Good morning sorry I about this just got this.  The slow cooker I would put it on after cooking you have made a start,.  Depends how long well I put it on Medium to High first because it is chicken partly cooked.    You understand to be safe.

    Also in the house wandering around just check every hour or so.

    If you are doing it in the morning and leaving it put it on low.  All the time to cook.  This is what I do.  Come back and check .  Trial and error.  I had a small one put it on low OK.  Till about time I got back home .  It was done, use stock liquid to cover enough.

    Another time did the same recipe with another type of meat like lamb took shorter time.

    Slow cooker timing all depend on models and types and instructions.

    All jar spices of pastes do need water in the recipes.  Water in all cooking is important as it creates a emulsion or liquid that mixes the ingredients together.

    It tells you on the jar instructions.  How much but bear in mind measure out.  Are the numbers small is this for yourself or for other people.  No point putting in loads of water for one person.  Just a touch.  You be OK.

    All these pastes are decided to go with whatever you wish.  Because it says on the label suitable for Beef or Chicken.  You might find it go with some thing else.

    Add tins of tomatoes or I use Passata. Easier for me.  Use half adjust.  Have a sense you will be great.  I know you will be.

    All cooking is experimental and trial and error.  You will be fantastic.  Do not worry.

    Also common sense if you put a pan on with ingredients on it will burn if left at a high setting of your cooker.  Would it not.?

    So cook on the hob and do low to medium check heat or pan.  Always bring to a simmer long and slow.  Just check now and again.  Taste.  Watch Master chef or any cooking programme.  They all taste and season the food.  Keep an eye on the food. Check if cooked with a teaspoon taste and with a blunt knife meat.  Clear juices come away chicken cooked.  I remove skin from chicken to help with cooking, not unless you wish to.  Vegetables like roots take a while so check every time, carrots and swede do not take long but butternut squash and sweet potato are done quick .

    Hope you will be great and become good I know you will.  I understand nervous and edgy please take your time.  Who says meals have to be hard, I do not.  Keep it simple.  If you keep adding stuff becomes a mess.  Nice and simple.

    Have a great time take care

    Am here most days 

    Ask me anything

    The one and only Spiceman
  • susan48susan48 Posts: 2,227Member Disability Gamechanger
    Thanks spiceman 
    if cooking, with my friend, try to make enough to freeze then don’t need to cook just defrost 
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 6,018Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello   @Susan48    thank you reply remember freeze in zip bags easier to store.  Label as well and date.  Plus any Spice paste can be frozen in to ice cube trays for next time.

    When frozen out of ice cube trays and into zipbags labelled.  Then use when you wish to.

    That is good cooking with a friend.  Write down what you are doing stage by stage if you wish to.  I do because have memory problems.  Any recipe I forgot to use and how did I do that.

    Doing that now new recipes and ideas.  Do this every couple months or so .  What do I like?  Keep in a folder helps me.  Have fun.

    Keep in touch if you wish.  Let me know I can be of any help.

    Take care

    The Spiceman
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