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Depression and anxiety - Delayed symptoms

susan48susan48 Posts: 2,227Member Disability Gamechanger
Does anyone else suffer a delayed reaction to things that happen.

I seem to, some of the time, get through things at the time but maybe later that day, next day or even a week later either have overwhelming anxiety or depression.

Just wondered if it’s just me?


  • ChrisWChrisW Posts: 7Member Connected
    Hi Susan
    I sometimes go through something similar, if I have  something happen during the day and manage to cope quite well at the time, when I have time to reflect or have time to myself I realise that how well the moment went then begin to react in a negative way.
    One way I am able to find a solution is to carry a journal with me, especially when travelling alone and write down some of the emotion or feelings I have.
    Also when travelling on public transport I have a small drawing book and I have found drawing a rose calms me immensely,
    I cannot draw, in fact when I was at college I paid others to do my drawings while I did writing for others, thats how bad my drawing is.
    I watched something on You tube that I could possibly draw that was simple, and now I can draw a rose and it actually looks like a rose.
    The point of this is I can now travel on my own on public transport and while I'm concentrating on the drawing I am in control of my anxiety and unaware of who or what is happening around me, it may only be a small step but for me it is one that works.
    I hope this helps with your question and may offer some thing to look into to see if you can find something to help you too.
    Good look and just take little steps, you will be amazed how far you will travel
  • susan48susan48 Posts: 2,227Member Disability Gamechanger
    Thank you for your reply.
    Im glad it’s not just me and also you’v found a coping mechanism.

    I did used to keep a note pad with me, to write things for people as can lose my speech due to anxiety.

    Maybe I will try this again.

    Your right too, baby steps  :)
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 6,005Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @susan48 Hope you OK.  Please if I can this more than ever part of the illness.  Lot of anxiety and delayed reactions are the mind being clouded with bad thoughts.

    Understand the situation s you describe.  Often get to Wednesday have serious days of anxiety.  Often made worse by the delayed and often bad feelings.  I get from the past two days.

    I used to add connotations to each day and still do.  Start with Sunday and through the week.  Add a tag label to each one.  Sunday being won't say the word.  Please if you do not mind.  Am talking to a lady. 

    So on Wednesday always Weepy Wednesday.  Us gents are not supposed to get emotional and show feeling.  Yet I do.

    So have to try and move on from this negativity.  Some days the need to change and how to cope is the one of the reasons I recommend being part of a mental health charity.

    As well being social the other aspect is coping methods and strategies  Many charities have this in their agenda and try to deliver to the clientele.

    Since leaving it is not easy but I do have things into place to cope.  Well try to any way.

    Make sure am have some one to confide in .  Whether on forums or seek help with medical professions.  Also having a good friend to offload helps.

    Knowing help and support is available either from your GP or other such therapy.

    If needed and recognise that as well.

    Making sure have lifelines of food and maintain healthy lifestyle and well being.

    Taking medication and if it is not working speak to you GP.  I upped my dosage last year because I knew not working.

    Have planning methods diaries and other tools to remember and record.  I constantly forget recipes.  Write them down.. Always forgetting little things .  Write it down.  In black pen.

    Red for more urgent.  Underlined.

    Have coping box.  Put in it anything that makes you fell good but not anxious and to reassurance.

    Understand I have CD's favourite ones, good feel good music. also everything that wish to have in their.  Understand to cope with.  Have notes and words and my bible.

    Always small steps.

    Take care

    One day at a time , always

    The Spiceman

  • susan48susan48 Posts: 2,227Member Disability Gamechanger

    thank you you for your response, very kind of you to take the time.

    lots of things you say make sense, I just need the motivation to put them into practice 

  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 6,005Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @susan48 I just thought as a friend try to help you as you help me.

    Just also like to say try to do some small things to cope.  My worry is what is happening to you.

    Also might be a wise move to discuss things with your Doctor if you wish to.

    I am doing this myself because I know I feel different last few months.

    Please I am happy to take the time.  I am going through most days these feelings and emotions.

    May be find your own way is a good idea and try to be motivated.  We all need that.  Unfortunately my own concern is that I need to try and help myself much as possible.

    I can help and advise others.  Pleasure to do so.  Understand the issues and problems.

    If we leave a cut on our faces.  It will bleed. So same with mental health if we feel like we are hurting inside.  Then we need to find solutions.

    As a long term sufferer of mental health have sought and had been given help and support.

    Please take care if want to talk always here

    The Spiceman
  • susan48susan48 Posts: 2,227Member Disability Gamechanger

    i have  been referred again to see a CPN and psychology. Unfortunately due to demand the psychology appointment will be another 5 months or so.

    Lots of my anxiety problems and depression I just tend to keep to myself, people don’t want to hear my problems so Iv leaned to stay quiet. 

    I do realise that not talking  is not helping though, hence why I joined this marvellous site.

    My anxiety has gotten worse since the whole PIP appeal and I can even go food shopping myself or with anyone, so started online shopping.

    i just feel I’m second guessing myself, paranoid and going from anxiety to deep depression and back again.

    i get so frustrated and angry with myself and others, when they talk over me or don’t give me time to talk, my speech is effected with anxiety and also get involuntary body movements which is embarrassing as people stare.

    sorry I don’t even know where all that came from, just ranting.


  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 6,005Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello  @susan48 Sorry about all that.  I do understand.  Do not worry rant away.  Am here.

    What you are describing seems to me like I am.

    Know others on this forum are similar.  I have decided use this forum to help me.

    Please how can I help? .   I know have my own health worries at the minute but got time for a friend.  If I can call you that.  Seem to bump into each others threads. Am myself trying to cope.  People are rude and stare .  I have problems with people as really have problems with me.

    Seeing my disability want to know why.

    I have also try to do my best each day.  Some days are not very good but I have learnt to take one step at a time.

    Talking helps though.  You are right people are like that.  Do not want to hear.  Understand this being old fashioned gent.  Having a family do want to hear or wish to know about how I was.

    Then I kept it all in.

    Becoming aware I need to talk this has helped me.

    Please feel free to talk anytime.  No one going to hurt or harm you here.  The Spiceman's got his super suit to protect his friends on the forum.

    Take care
  • crippscripps Posts: 411Member Pioneering
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 6,005Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @cripps Howa are you?  What do wish to say?

    Always here to listen chat and debate

    Take care

    The one and only spiceman
  • debbiedo49debbiedo49 Posts: 2,903Member Disability Gamechanger
    Depression and anxiety and brain fog affect my memory and reactions terribly. I do write things down with the date and use numbering or lists for priority. I believe its a combination of different things going on for me, but I dont know about you. For example I feel okay getting on with things them whoomph I crash and realse that something affected me more than I realised. I also have days where I want to just hide away to recover from life as an anxious person. Its like I have to just be safe and secure and stimulus free. There are mental health apps you can download for writing things down, journaling, recording your moods etc or just for distraction techniques as I call them like colouring or puzzles or mind exercises.  I like having stuff on my phone or tablet to use on the go. Take Care 
    I am a fibro warrior !💜♏️
  • april123april123 Posts: 137Member Pioneering
    It's lovely to read how you all support each other on here 
  • ChrisWChrisW Posts: 7Member Connected
    It is surprising how much just a few words can lift someone, knowing they are not alone Is important too

  • susan48susan48 Posts: 2,227Member Disability Gamechanger
    Absolutely, it makes this site priceless.

    I do write lists but I stopped righting a diary as I don’t even understand it when I read it back.

    I had homework from psychologist, to write everything I did for 2weeks, score myself how I felt etc etc, i found that overwhelming.

    havnt done anything like that since then.

    i did try reading again, I loved reading, but my concentration won’t allow it anymore.

    my aunt colours in, helps her.

  • april123april123 Posts: 137Member Pioneering
    I stopped reading as my concentration is poor most of the time . it's usually an advert or conversation that reminds me what i need i.e loo rolls usually the puppy being mischievous in the add
  • susan48susan48 Posts: 2,227Member Disability Gamechanger
    iv got lists for lists, bits of paper all over the table!!

    usually I forget to take my list of I actually manage to the shop.

    It makes me sad not having the ability to read anymore, I used to read all the time, my escape. 

    Hopefully one day 
  • april123april123 Posts: 137Member Pioneering
    You never know, maybe you could try books that are read out load not sure what they are called
  • ChrisWChrisW Posts: 7Member Connected
    Susan48, I loved reading and gave it up. My support carer set me a daily task to read one page, it took ages to read that one page but when I did I felt over the moon. I got myself a kindle and downloaded some free books, I have manged to read a complete book, over a long time, about 4 months but I managed it,
    I page will lead to two etc, but I never read too much that I don't feel comfortable.
  • whistleswhistles Posts: 1,603Member Disability Gamechanger
    If I feel utter crap I'm going to allow myself to feel it now. I allow that feeling instead of trying to get rid of it.
    Hi anxiety how nice of you join me for breakfast, what would you like me to think about, ok that's nice let me see if that realistically is the case.
    Yes-I go and sort it.
    No it can stuff off!! 
    But I acknowledged it. 

    I also have a scrap book where I allow my creativity to do whatever it wants to. 
    I cut up a dwp letter in order to write and express feelings in the middle. It has to be allowed to be felt in order to go.
    Not all anxiety is negative but I control it not the other way round.

    I am rubbish at keeping a diary and making notes. Just about remember to cross the day of the calender. 

    Has anyone considered meditation, with or without music. I have been to a few classes and it was so relaxing.
    Do not follow me, I don't know where I am going.
  • debbiedo49debbiedo49 Posts: 2,903Member Disability Gamechanger
    Yes I have used meditation on YouTube the videos with just music as I cant stand the talking ones. I also enjoy white noise to clear my head. Both of these worked for me as part of my recovery and getting back being able to read. I have an Amazon Kindle app for reading and its grest for when I cant sleep. Also for a small monthly fee you can get kindle unlimited on amazon which has a good selection of reading and audiobooks. I couldnt read for a few years after a trauma and my health decline. It really sucked as I love it. I never thought it would come back. But I just kept going back to it. You have to empty out all the busy stuff first though or theres no room for reading. White Noise for me is running the air humidifier before sleep. Or videos on YouTube of white noise. Its a bit like marmite, you love it or hate it. 
    I am a fibro warrior !💜♏️
  • janejrjanejr Posts: 125Member Pioneering
    My brain fog gets worse when I'm stressing. It scares me as feel it's getting worse , then I'm more anxious in case I've forgot something important. It goes round in circles. I worry about my future. How my disability will effect me. It's slowly getting worse more pain less mobility. I worry about how I will cope. Who will help care for me.

    I have friends that can remember their childhoods in detail. They talk about past friends and events of their childhood. Why can't I remember ? I only remember bad things . Things that hurt me but not the good stuff. I wish I could as I'm sure I had a wonderful childhood. Just can't remember it
  • susan48susan48 Posts: 2,227Member Disability Gamechanger
    I have a kindle but not used audio books, noise can be an issue, never have tv on during the day and on low in the evening.

    It is something I miss so much though.

    Iv lost eveything I wrote , it’s disappeared and can’t remember what I put!!!!

    I will refrain from using bad language in here 
    ( Iv just said very bad words to the dog and he’s wondering what’s wrong with me, very sensitive doggie)

  • whistleswhistles Posts: 1,603Member Disability Gamechanger
    Can't get on with kindles. I love actual books and I like looking for them in the second hand shops as well. 
    Do not follow me, I don't know where I am going.
  • susan48susan48 Posts: 2,227Member Disability Gamechanger
    I preferred actual books, used kindle when away on holiday or taking it out , saved a heavy book or two.

    its definitely on my to do list 
  • debbiedo49debbiedo49 Posts: 2,903Member Disability Gamechanger
    I prefer books too but my wrists and hands don’t allow that where a tablet can be sat on a cushion in its cover and I just swipe .
    I am a fibro warrior !💜♏️
  • whistleswhistles Posts: 1,603Member Disability Gamechanger
    I prefer books too but my wrists and hands don’t allow that where a tablet can be sat on a cushion in its cover and I just swipe .
    Something I wouldn't have thought of because I can hold a book. 
    I should get a tablet really, but I worry is going to be too heavy? The screen would be better than I have though.
    Do not follow me, I don't know where I am going.
  • susan48susan48 Posts: 2,227Member Disability Gamechanger
    You can get light tablets, my son has a Samsung one on it was very light
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