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Making Cinema more Accessible by Having a Break

diddydaveukdiddydaveuk Posts: 7Member Listener
edited April 15 in Disabled people
I believe Cinemas should have showings of big films with a break half way through to allow disabled people such as myself to attend!!

I am a massive movie buff especailly the Marvel and DC films but always have to wait till films come out on blu ray which means I am always at least one movie behind and with the internet it is so hard not to find out about the film and have it spoilt. The reason I can not go to the cinema is I can not sit that long and the pain by the end of a film is so bad I am unable to enjoy it. There is one easy way to solve this and that is for cinemas to have showings of big films with a break half way through so people could get up and move about!! This idea is not even new as in the 50's premier's of films were held in theatres and there was an intermission!! 

I am thinking of starting a petition to pressent to all the major cinema chains but need to know if this is something people want and will get behind.


  • Pippa_ScopePippa_Scope Posts: 2,466Administrator Scope community team
    Hi @diddydaveuk, this is really interesting!

    I have similar issues with participating in things without a break. Last year I saw a filmed version of a musical that was broadcast in the cinema, and having the intermission included made such a difference. I'm sure many others will also be able to relate too!
  • diddydaveukdiddydaveuk Posts: 7Member Listener
    Thanks @PippaScope ! I used to go to cinema but havn't been able to go since 2014. The worse part is trying not to find out too much about films before i get to see them. Avengers Infinity War is out on Cinema later this month and i know everyone will be talking about it.
  • GeniedebsGeniedebs Posts: 56Member Talkative
    There used to be an interval in cinemas when you could get up walk about and the lady came round with the cigarettes and ice creams!  I have not been to the pictures since about 2005.
  • diddydaveukdiddydaveuk Posts: 7Member Listener
    @Geniedebs yeah the intermission was part of the experience! Our Cinema has Autism friendly showing, quieter and brigther, and Mother and baby showings so catering for those who can not sit for three hours could be the next step!
  • VictoriadVictoriad Posts: 1,780Member Brian Blessed
    Don’t forget you can apply for a CEA disabled cinema card for £6 which gets your carer a free admission to the film too.

  • Sam_ScopeSam_Scope Posts: 4,950Administrator Scope community team
    I agree, I have bowel issues and usually need to go to the loo halfway through and end up missing part of the film! 
  • CockneyRebelCockneyRebel Posts: 3,872Member, Community champion Brian Blessed
    Our local cinema is great. They always have intermissions. The seating is leather arm chairs and two seater settees, Waitress service from the bar or cafe.

    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste
  • GeniedebsGeniedebs Posts: 56Member Talkative
    CockneyRebel.  Your local cinema sounds great.
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