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Mobility car

Hi i had to return my mobilty car on the 29th of May due to losing my mandatory appeal another appeal is being processed, the question I'm asking about is even though I have claimed the mobility component for over 15yrs they are now telling me that because i have only had a mobilty car since 2014 that i am not entitled to the £2,000 allowance that they give to buy yourself a little runabout surely this cant be right ? so they have now taken away the only bit of freedom that I had to me being stuck inside 24/7.


  • stephenjohnstephenjohn Posts: 40Member Courageous
    The dwp don’t care ! They just look at the money ,Teresa may needs more money to give to foreign countries to make herself look more important..........
          appeal .....75% of appeals win ......
              love and hugs 
  • SteveBSteveB Posts: 3Member Listener
    Have always found motabinota Very helpful and understanding they do have a dept to help people with issues related to appeals
  • stephenjohnstephenjohn Posts: 40Member Courageous
    edited June 2018
    Motability aren’t the issue here ,this is d.w.p at its best 
  • exdvrexdvr Posts: 277Member Pioneering

    Hi @reysan,

    Unfortunately you're in the sad situation of not qualifying for the refund due to the length of time you've been a Motability Scheme member.  The info below is taken from the Motability website in regards to PIP appeals being rejected.

    For customers who joined the Scheme before 2013 and return the car within eight weeks**, £2000 will be available. Alternatively you can choose to keep the vehicle for 26 weeks**, however in this case you will receive a reduced payment of £500.

    For customers who joined the Scheme during 2013 and return the car within eight weeks** a transitional support payment of £1,000 will be available. Alternatively you can choose to keep the vehicle for 26 weeks** and receive a reduced payment of £250.

    For customers who joined the Scheme since 1 January 2014, when more information on PIP became available, a standard £250 Return to Dealer payment will be available if the vehicle is returned within eight weeks**.

    **All dates relate to the period starting from the day of the last DLA allowance payment.

    Sad news but these are the rules laid down by Motability so it's not entirely fair to blame the DWP.  Sorry if that sounds harsh, that was not my intention.

    Sympathy and best wishes to you.

    Best wishes.


  • MisscleoMisscleo Posts: 607Member Pioneering
    edited June 2018
    And look at how much money they are keeping to themselves..
    All the managers paying themselves thousands ********.
  • reysanreysan Posts: 4Member Listener
    Thank u for the explanation this was not explained to me but I do think whether you have had a car or the money it should still count as all my forms did say I was on higher rate of mobilty, but very upset as it leaves me with no car to get about and a lot less money for taxis etc.
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