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Travel to and from school for children with disabilities

debbiedo49debbiedo49 Posts: 1,954Member Chatterbox
edited October 3 in Parents and carers
Would be interested to know what parents and carers and children think about travelling to and from school using a bus supplied by the local authority or similar please. In particular, where your child gets dla or pip mobility for a car, and is using the bus to travel, what are your thoughts please? Should parents or carers be using this car to travel with children rather than the bus? What barriers are there to doing so? Children can sometimes spend long periods of time travelling to and from school in a bus depending on the routes etc and I am curious, some children have low tolerance levels for travelling for various reasons, so why aren't the cars being used instead? I would really like to know from a parents or carers perspective please. P S I am a bus escort and I love my job.

This too shall pass!


  • jaycee6jaycee6 Posts: 55Member Talkative
    Hi my daughter loves the school transport ,Loves travelling with her friends.It gives her independence from her parents ,and has been going on transport for 15 years,If we go for anything at school /college she would never let us bring her home she still wanted to go on school bus,Maybe Im just lucky,Also gives the parents less stress driving to school as traffic is awful now,,I feel we have enough to do with caring all the time,for our precious child,regards Jen
  • debbiedo49debbiedo49 Posts: 1,954Member Chatterbox
    Thank you for your reply. That gives me some more insight. 

    This too shall pass!
  • chrisvanfchrisvanf Posts: 42Member Whisperer
    Hi @debbiedo49.
    I used to drive one of the wav's for a special needs school and in the 2 years that I drove the school run we never had one complaint from the pupils, the parent's or teachers.
    I don't know what run you do, but we used to have a right laugh with the pupil's, and in 2 years not one bad day.
    One of the best part-time jobs I did 
    I know it's not really relevant to your post but a different view all the same.  :)
  • debbiedo49debbiedo49 Posts: 1,954Member Chatterbox
    I love it! No the reason for my post is probably because some kids with asd etc do not tolerate travelling in s busy bus very well for various specific reasons. When you add to that the long journey going around all the areas and peak travel traffic sometimes I feel sorry for the kids and think what would I prefer if I could choose? Of course we all have a laugh or try to amuse the kids and make it the best possible experience. What I think is it’s teaching the kids how to get along with each other and in society by learning bus etiquette lol. It’s just sometimes I think well the parent gets a mobility car for that child and they may live near the school, and the child gets anxious on the bus so why don’t they use the car? It’s got to a point at times I think there is a sense of entitlement to be using the service as there is one? Maybe that’s just where I am and I’m the minority cases but it happens. Why do children get mobility cars? Or mobility allowance? Should this go towards paying for the bus service? Just putting it out there. I’m literally talking myself out of a job lol! I suppose my debate is with entitled parents rather than everyone else. I absolutely love my time on the bus and feel grateful for the joy of getting to know the kids. 

    This too shall pass!
  • jaycee6jaycee6 Posts: 55Member Talkative
    Hi debbiedo49   Just one thing to point out when my daughter turned 16 ,we had to pay to the local council for her transport, it was over £600 a year ,those on low income even had to pay half of that .So dont presume we all get it free,But it was a price worth paying as my daughter loved her transport,Regards Jaycee
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