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Parking spaces

jacquie59jacquie59 Posts: 2Member Listener
I am very concerned about the trend putting one cross hatch between 2 parking spaces and non the other side 2 new built shops have done this reciently.   I am disabled and have a disabled friend and am prevented from using the shops as we cannot open both doors wide to get out.  New Aldi both in skegness and the new Tamworth shops have both adopted it.  If my husband was still alive we would not have been able to use the stores.


  • AlexandriaUKAlexandriaUK Posts: 40Member Courageous
    Hi we have some shops that have done this, it's too increase the amount of spaces available, if I need to drive and it's a day I'm requiring my chair we reverse in this makes it possible to have the space to get out depending on which side has the most room
  • fenfisherfenfisher Posts: 17Member Connected
    I allways the the spaces as I have lower spine problems and find it very difficult to get in and out of my car unless the door is wide open when I shop I only go where there are marked bay or I simply go elsewhere 
  • jacquie59jacquie59 Posts: 2Member Listener
    I feel pushed out with the new type of parking. 2 disabled people can't go together. It is possible to have more than one disabled in  car. 
  • JillyJJillyJ Posts: 5Member Listener
    All the local shops where I live have changed the Disabled Parking Bays to mother and child and the DIsabled are no further away. This is madness, as people elect to have children I did not elect to be Dsiabled!  I also noted the Vans and supplies vehicles will respect the Mother and child spaces, but will not think twice before parking in a Disabled bay. I saw a CHinese resturant who had a Disabled bay where people would park and he was always told I have a small child with me so I need it. He placed a sign saying having Children is a blessing and you have chosen to have children a Disabled person cannot or stuggles to walk so do not park unles you are disabled. 
  • JillyJJillyJ Posts: 5Member Listener
    Waitrose, Asda, Tesco, Aldi, Lidl, Sainsburys and Co-Op are serial offenders of marking  the closet parking being designated for Mother and Child. These cars are often huge and they park encroachinh into a disabled bay where people need to open the doors wide. I could not get into my car due to the mindless parking of a women with 5 children who parked well into the the cross hatches and into the disabled bay! 
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