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Daughter being referred to speech and language

sued86sued86 Posts: 1Member Listener
my daughters speech used to be brilliant until about 6 months ago when I started noticing that it was getting difficult to understand what she is saying. Her class teacher has noticed it and says she is missing sounds and wants to refer her to speech and language. Do you have any idea why her speech would decline like this? 


  • JulesA65JulesA65 Posts: 33Member, Community champion Whisperer
    How old is she? Could it be she is picking up bad habits off other pupils? Not all children speak properly or pronounce words correctly? Speech and language could be a good idea. Look at the positive, if there are any issues they will be picked up. It may be something or nothing, you could ask a health visitor or your gp. Don't stress about it though, it is probably nothing to worry about
  • Pippa_ScopePippa_Scope Posts: 5,858Member Brian Blessed
    Welcome to the community, @sued86!

    Hopefully @NicolaLatheySLT will be in touch soon and able to advise. Do keep us updated, and wishing you all the best for your daughter's appointment.
  • Sam_ScopeSam_Scope Posts: 7,290Administrator Scope community team
    Has she had a hearing test @sued86 ?
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  • NicolaLatheySLTNicolaLatheySLT Posts: 35Member, Community advisor Whisperer
    Hello Sued86, I'm sorry to hear you've been concerned about your daughter.  Sometimes a child is able to say shorter sentences much better than they can say longer sentences, so when a child's language expands, the mistakes become more noticeable, e.g. missing the middle or end sounds of a word or missing off some of the syllables in longer words.  Do you think that could be a factor?  Thanks Nicola (speech therapist)
    Nicola Lathey
    Speech And Language Advisor
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    Email: [email protected]
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