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ESA3(IBR) 06/18 ‘Don’t complete this form if...’

Hello, I hope someone can help me. I’ve received ESA3(IBR) and quite frankly, I feel tired of living. The slightest deviation from my normal day-to-day living, or rather coping with my day-to-day living, plunges me into despair.

I successfully migrated from DLA to PIP in January 2017. I receive the enhanced premiums for both Care and Mobility.

I migrated from IB to CBESA in March 2012, which is the date written in on the front page of the form. I am in the Support Group.

Staying with the front page, it outlines 3 circumstances where ‘Don’t complete this form if during the whole time between - the assessment date - and now’.

So, if my partner has been working for 24 hours or more a week for the entire period, do I just not complete the form? There’s nothing to send back, because it appears there’s not any sort of tick box, declaration or signature box anywhere on the form. I am beside myself at the thought of losing my CBESA, because of:

1. Not returning the ESA3(IBR) at all;
2. By default, I am confirming my partner’s 24 hours and/or savings of £16,000+.

I’m afraid that number 2 (24 hours) makes me even ineligible for my CBESA.

Your kind attention is most appreciated.


  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 9,161Member, Community champion Brian Blessed

    The Income related top up is what's being questioned here and that's the reason you've received the form. Everyone that transferred from IB to ESA is being assessed for the same reasons.

    CB ESA is not affected by a partner that works or savings/capital because it's not means tested.

  • Kossoff1959Kossoff1959 Posts: 6Member Listener
    poppy123456 thanks very much for your reply. I couldn’t remember if CBESA was means-tested or not. I still feel anxious about not returning a form, even though it says ‘Don’t complete this form if...’ It seems so odd not send anything in by the date stated on the form, unless of course, they’re not too worried about you’re eligible for any backdated payments. Perhaps, I call them and get clarification?
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 9,161Member, Community champion Brian Blessed
    If you're circumstances have always been the same as they are now for the whole time you've claimed ESA then there's no point in returning the form. If it does make you feel better you could just do what you said above and then sign and return it.
  • chizchiz Posts: 59Member Talkative
    Hi @Kossoff1959
    Look at the last sheet sheet of paper there should be about 3 lines saying your name and a small paragraph saying i do not wish to fill in the form,
    I have just sent it back myself as my hubby worked more than 24hrs all the time i claimed , i receive CB based esa ... i rang the number at the top to confirm i was doing the right thing x
    Kind regards
    Ellen x
  • Kossoff1959Kossoff1959 Posts: 6Member Listener
    @poppy123456 @chiz thanks for your replies. I’ve looked again on the front page and there’s no section saying I do not wish to fill in the form. Of course, this might not have always been the case, assuming that there’s been some revision of the form, mine is 06/18. Best I call to get absolute clarification. Thanks again.
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 9,161Member, Community champion Brian Blessed
    If you're not entitled to the Income related top up and you know this for certain then it makes sense that there's no need to fill the form in and return it. You CB ESA will remain the same because it's not means tested.
  • Kossoff1959Kossoff1959 Posts: 6Member Listener
    @poppy123456 @chiz some good news. I called the phone number printed on the form and letter, and somewhat surprisingly got a pick up within 12 minutes.

    After confirming all my personal details, he told me that were tick boxes on page 2 of the letter and to tick the box to confirm that my partner has been working for 24 hours or more per week and to return it in the envelope provided. He asked if she’d been working for 24 hours or more per week for the entire period, which it was.

    The trouble was, there were no tick boxes printed on the letter. I read parts of the letter to him so that he knew that I wasn’t overlooking anything.

    No problem. He was going to email the department that sent the form, letting them know not to expect the completed from me, as my partner has been working for 24 hours or more per week for the entire period in question.

    He told me I could disregard the form. I had him confirm it more than once. I then said I worried that this could affect my CBESA, and he told me that my CBESA would not be affected in any way and that my payments would continue as normal. I had him confirm it to me more than once.

    What a relief. I hope my experience might help someone else in the same predicament. 
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 9,161Member, Community champion Brian Blessed
    That's good, it's as i expected it to be. CB isn't means tested.
  • karnabykat000karnabykat000 Posts: 2Member Listener

    I received my form this morning.  Did you manage to sort yours out in the end?
  • Kossoff1959Kossoff1959 Posts: 6Member Listener
    @karnabykat000, yes, as mentioned above, I had a most helpful telephone call on the Friday afternoon. The following Tuesday, I received a written confirmation with regards to the information that I gave over the phone, and that I wasn’t eligible to IBESA, because I had said that my partner worked for 24 hours or more a week, for the entire period of reassessment. The most assuring sentence was that they will continue to make payments to me as normal. Hope that helps. 
  • EmGem22EmGem22 Posts: 6Member Listener
    I received the form last month, it wants me to answer questions going back to 2011. I had a brain infection in 2016 and have no idea of hospital admission dates etc. Also since starting to fill the form out my husband of (15 months) and I have seperated. Do I carry on filling in the form as if he is my partner or as if I am single? He only moved in with me in 2016 so my circumstances have varied since 2011. I'm very confused by it all. I'm on contribution based ESA. Any advice would be welcome. Thank you in advance. 
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 9,161Member, Community champion Brian Blessed

    You need to fill the form out with all of the information needed. This includes everything since 2011, partner moving in and when they moved out. Without all of the correct information they won't be able to assess your claim for the Income Related top up.
  • Kossoff1959Kossoff1959 Posts: 6Member Listener
    @EmGem22 I’m not sure I can be of much help as I no longer have the form. From memory, I think the questions are geared towards the possibility of a change in circumstances over the period as specified directly to your case. The DWP must have realised that due to the longevity of the periods involved (back to 2011 in the case of your good self), that there was a reasonable chance of a change of circumstances. What it means to your good self, it would appear that you started out unmarried, had a period of marriage (15 months) and now find yourself as separated from your husband. Potentially, it appears you have 3 types of circumstances since 2011. Also, it is important to remember that if you were living as partners before marriage, then these circumstances would act as if you were married. Literally, you would need to specify that between this and that date I was living on my own, from between this and that date I was living with my husband and finally from such and such date I have been living as separated from my husband. For each of these periods they will want know the details surrounding your circumstances at that time. Undoubtedly, it will require detailing the income of your husband. I know that is not going to be easy. The entire form places a huge burden of proof upon claimants. It has the potential to overwhelm oneself and I would strongly recommend that you seek help from people like the CAB. Also, there are several help groups connected with your general wellbeing and specifically if you suffer from long term health conditions such as diabetes. You can normally find out information about such from your doctor’s surgery. Good luck and don’t hesitate to get help if you feel you need it. 
  • EmGem22EmGem22 Posts: 6Member Listener
    My health is unfortunately very poor, both physically and over the last year mentally too. I only have another 10 days until the form is due back, I think I might ring them on Monday and explain my difficulties with both my circumstances and memory. Thanks for your help.
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