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What's are the competent govt institutions?

vysvadervysvader Member Posts: 133 Courageous
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What are the competent govt institutions wherein to search for a solution if you are troubled to find an equality on a workplace?

Did you ever experience that someone tried to make you a focus of attention and you realize that your customers speak or better say, recite words those you'd once already heard years ago from your ex-classmates or family about your medical conditions? In a totally distant place? I don't think so, but I'm sure, you would expect someone who'll wanna say you if there's happening anything illegal. Usually, people don't wanna engage themselves to avoid problems from criminals, but you might expect they'll attend you, not any further distributions of the privacy. Or such intelligent debates about assigned disabilities, minorities, or unbelievable stories. Even, I'm definitively able to speak about violence, sex, and other of the top topics, but what's coming with the people from my past it's too much even on me and I'm really not selective at all, I've got a strong stomach, but... 

I don't think someone's perfect, none is perfect, I'm not either and with a patience, is possible to find something on anyone, however, in some of my workplaces, they didn't have the patience and were coming with absurd and obvious things having merely counter-evidence. A year ago, it started when my manager came from his holidays and gave me a disciplinary, however, I'd been for 3 weeks away from the workplace what he didn't know (so I'd and still have got papers/proofs that nothing could happen and the disciplinary was given exactly for the period). A year later, the last time which finished in a resign, it was preceded by denying my experience (on the positions in the attachments and, then, two people were doing the work I did by myself, in the attachment), someone changing settings on machines, and another interesting disciplinary, week after when my rota purposely changed from 6:30 to 7:00 and, I'd been on cameras coming at 6:55, then I was disciplined for delays (each day). I might see it just as an overlooked mistake, mistakes are happening everywhere and by anyone, but not belong to the 'mysteries' happening at the same time.

I know that I have to start sorting it out, can't just wait till it comes elsewhere, once again. It's not about my colleges, it's about another people having a strong intention to contact and mess my environment. However... 
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  • Sam_ScopeSam_Scope Member Posts: 7,732 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @vysvader
    Is there anyone higher up within the company you can speak to? A HR department perhaps?
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  • vysvadervysvader Member Posts: 133 Courageous
    edited December 2018
    Thanks for your reply : )

    When you delete something in your Pc, the Pc doesn't automatically format the hard disk, just assign the space as available (when it shows you: "free space", it's not really free, just available) and this space can be once rewritten, but if the disk is big then it doesn't have to become rewritten by other data. The day after my resignation (or at the same one), they brought a new model of an oven what normally should take more time, it was too quick. On the old one was uploaded, for a few months playing this sound instead of the original cooking alarm clock sound (from the time when I got a knife as a sushi fish cater) and they exchanged the whole machine. Otherway, when I got a response (e-mail) to my resignation, I checked the field of the "receiver", and, there are two e-mail addresses, only one of them was mine. 

    Either way, in both cases, you're correct, I might try it anyway (in the past), however, I'd seen shaking hands from one of my colleges, and, in general, I tried to make them feel safe so I expected that they don't make more unreasonable theaters, I just wanted to leave it to go, but somehow, they misunderstood 'the deal'. I mightn't find any job anyhow close to the workplace, someone made me a bad advertisement (meantime, I don't say that I can for sure know who). 

    The HR can't really help me against an organized crime activity which can potentially appear later in another workplace, but it can be worth to work on particular persons, not the whole company. Even if it's about privacy connected with medical info, hates against particular minorities, etc... common things that every seventh experienced something thereof. There were some issues many years ago with a criminal group and if I don't mind at all, I'd have disappeared even my trousers (your privacy which "isn't public" is worth of all what you own because you can get easily whitened your account/house with any info moving criminals further to more info and it's also worth all the people you like and can loose). Or the next day, you could call me by a different name, painted as a different person.
    You can feel free to get in touch 
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