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Kicked off course due to disability

CaraLeeCaraLee Posts: 39Member Talkative
I recently applied for a course in childcare and education as what I intended to be my first stepping stone towards becoming a play therapist. I was told I had the best application they had received and welcomed on to the course. At this point they were fully aware of my disability and the fact I was not able to attend a placement at that time and assured that I could still do the course without placement and adjustments were agreed to meet my needs. 
I attended my first day. At the end I was taken aside and told I could not return. Here are the reasons they gave: 
. They couldn't rearrange the classroom to make it accessible for my chair.
. My impairments would be distressing for other students in the class and make group work difficult.
. They changed their mind about adjustments previously agreed and now felt they were not fair on other students if I were allowed to distance learn.
. They felt they couldn't justify having me on the course as they believe somebody with my condition (wheelchair user) couldn't work with children.
To give some context I am expected to recover from condition the only thing that may be permanent is the fact I am in a wheelchair. All I wanted was to get the education I needed to go into the field of work I aspire to when I recover and not have to put my life on hold until I have recovered... All of which they were aware of. 
These reasons seemed to be odd as surely on an adult course other students would not be distressed to see somebody in a chair who makes some unintentional moments or sounds from time to time and could understand that somebody regularly hospitalised or housebound would be allowed to work remotely. As for the last comment it seemed entirely unprofessional and caused a mental health crisis as I had built all my hopes up and had my plans and aspirations torn to shreds in one simple comment. 
Can anybody tell me if they are allowed to kick me off for these reasons? 


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