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Drunk tanks

veritercveriterc Posts: 163Community champion Pioneering
What do fellow Scope members think of NHS spending £300K on drunk tanks? I've just had a medicine come off prescription so NHS can save money, and now this https://aftercancers.com/how-to-deal-with-drunks-in-a-e/


  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 5,355Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @veriterc Thank you for sharing this story.

    Having and had an addiction history . Seen and been part of the cost and damage to myself plus others at Christmas time.

    Wish I had been in one and used it to get over my addiction. Would probably solved some issues. Make you awake to the problems you caused.

    Unfortunately this is me the probably only one who sees the reasons for having these drunk tanks.

    Do think the cost if you do have issues then pay to cover the additional expense.

    Which I do believe is one of the proposals in the media.

    Add to that for some one like my former self . Now clean and sorted but others who are alcoholics it is a disease  of the mind.

    So any drunk tanks and cost would be null and void. A hazard to over come. Recall once an alcoholic in rehab coming into the clinic. With his bottle wrapped around the coat he was wearing.

    Still drinking.  Imagine that cost he does not believe have issues so how does a drunk tank work for others not alcoholic.

    Understand will bring more attention to their health.

    One proposal is like the States after a DUI some of the courses after being  available to those have alcohol, drug issues.  Including also much tougher jail terms quite often.  I do know often the services dealing with members of the community being ill. Costs are huge.

    There has to be an education part. Many moons ago when first clean only six weeks asked all the clinic how can I help. Put something back to the community.

    Nothing in schools and nothing educational out there. Alcohol kills, harms disables and maims. Many die before rehab and treatment. May be we need to focus on that.

    Doo know at the start of the year all clinics, rehab and associated rehabilitation services are stretched.  So maybe message is getting through.

    To get help.

    I am the end result have mental health and other physical sides of my well being but I survived others do not.

    Twelve years and counting.

    Use my experiences to help those like myself.  On this community.

    Take care.


  • veritercveriterc Posts: 163Community champion Pioneering
    Thank you for sharing this. I think the most telling part is your sentence"Use my expeience". Don't know what others think, but IF ONLY the NHS would come off its pompous attitude and ask patients to help solve problems, we might see better results.
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 5,355Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @veriterc I agree with you in principle. Unfortunately many of our community need the advice and information from the medical professionals. Whether Doctors or others in the medical profession.

    I am unusual because I recognise my illness. Sort and ask for help and support. In the sense ask and consult my Doctor. Bounce ideas and alternative therapies off her.

    We all of us wrap us ourselves in our illness and any ailments. Seek the Doctors consultations. Need to step back consider how we can revaluate issues we have.

    Alcoholism is like this as is drug addiction. Both of them effected me mentally.  Knew need to find alternatives to pain management, diet and fitness.  Wellbeing and health is so important as it being funded by so many outside our control.

    Health is big business. Look at the common cold.  Billion dollar industry that is.  All those antibiotics, cold cures. None of them really work. We are led to believe they do.

    So I use alternatives the old ways.  Therapies long traditions. Before there were these cold cures.

    Something none of us ever consider. Look at the Chinese culture their medicine.  Same with India culture all the beliefs and traditions around health.

    Always something to discuss.

    Pleasure to talk to you.

  • veritercveriterc Posts: 163Community champion Pioneering
    Nice to read your thoughts, and thank you for sharing them.  What you say about exercise helping is so true - I only wish that the NHS would stop pontificating about how useful it is, and get on with opening up the well-equipped hospital gyms, which are so under-utilised.  Perhaps Age UK could show them how it's done - they are doing a very good job in many areas.
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 5,355Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @veriterc I understand the connections between health and fitness. Have to say to you. In a lot of this is down to being positive thinking.

    Also the coloration between having the use of facilities that are accessible and the costs.

    All very well for NHS funds to spent on gyms but the main issues are so far reaching.

    A life long interest how we are perceived as a nation to get healthy goes far beyond these shores.  Often so called theories and explanations put about those who wish us to fail. Make bad choices and designed to look at alternatives.

    In the past did a year long course and also other related courses.

    All I can say doing one course called Understanding health makes you realise the real reasons behind a lot of the issues we have in this country.

    Simple marketing ploy . You think about this. Why so many fast food places in major towns of high unemployment, poverty, inadequate housing and social problems.

    Making those with limited budgets make bad choices.  Which causes health issues and in the end life expectancy is shortened.  Putting a considerable strain on services.

    I read in the media some places are fresh food deserts. Have no places to buy fresh fruit and vegetables.

    The whole health debate is so far out of control now. Every one has a view and a opinion.  Whether it is the plethora of cooking programmes.  Where most of the minority who enjoy cooking. The majority do not. .

    I do much as I can with my recipes . Any time to add to this forum.

    To the Government who does very little and plays to the whims of big business.  To organisations like you stated and others.  Helping much as they can.

    Great to talk to you.

    Take care.


  • veritercveriterc Posts: 163Community champion Pioneering
    You mention hospital Gyms - many of these are euqipped by Friends of the hospital.  People have worked hard to raise the funds to provide superb machines, and then the hospital closes off these gyms and makes them unavailable to those who raised money for them.  It's about time that the Admin staff of hospitals realised that patients should be consulted about times gyms are available, and make them accessible to the very people who raised the money.  These gyms are an expensive resource that the NHS just ignores.
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 5,355Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @veriterc  Apologise did not know that paid for by friends of the hospital . Thought it was NHS paid for.

    That must be very much upsetting for you. As you cannot access a facility to be used.

    I do know since looking at options to health and diet, fitness included. Do get a lot of knockbacks so use my own discretion. Exercise, stretch at home.

    One which was interesting my post mentioned money and costs.  Wanted to join exercise class all female. No men allowed . Even though desperate for new members to join.

    I sent in a suggestion why not encompass every one.  Regardless of gender and disability, age etc.

    Got no reply back so just left it.  One of the many problems these days with these sorts of Gyms and fitness centres.

    Your situation at the hospital should you complain. Maybe MP get involved here.  After all this should be available to every one.  Understand the difficulties if you raised the money and cannot use it.

    Hope that helps.

    Take care.

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