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thespicemanthespiceman Member Posts: 6,408 Disability Gamechanger
Hello every body my friends.

This is for all those members of the community who need a sweet treat. Have lots of chocolate, nuts dried fruit over what do you do..

Unfortunately cannot eat Chocolate so this all for you ladies.  Recipe was asked for by a friend.


You will need a 18cm sandwich tin or loaf tin.
100g unsalted butter.
chocolate what have you got. Any mix will do. Used ordinary milk bars and mix of dark.
2tbsp Golden Syrup.
Nuts what you have Walnuts, any of those nut mixes about 220g. Lightly toast them dry pan gentle heat warm through. Not salted peanuts. I used Walnuts, Almonds, Pecans crushed in a zip bag.  Or crush in a tea towel with a rolling pin.. Gets rid of frustration. Easy does it. lol.

Saucepan with bowl over the top simmering water to melt chocolate.


Grease a 18cm sandwich or loaf tin.

Heatproof bowl set over  a pan of water just simmering and please do not allow bowl to touch chocolate.  Add butter plus chocolate . Golden syrup stirred in.  Allow to melt.  Gently.

Remove from heat stir in toasted crushed nuts . Add to sandwich or loaf tin.

Press gently chill fridge for hour plus. Adjust might need longer. Know chilled for a couple of hours.  Check it.

Then remove and cut up into slices. Be not too solid but gooey.


This is the one I like I make for my self. So simple costs nothing really. Nothing wrong bit indulgence. 

Can be made using any dried fruits and any fruits from the bowl going past their sell by date. Pears or Plums.  Apples and Prunes classic Italian combo.

You will need Tin Rice Pudding good quality one.
Tub of Mascarpone 1TBSP
Dried Prunes use about 1TBSP
Apples any diced up use just one for my self.
For more than two or more adjust measurements.

One microwave Pyrex casserole dish medium size.


Tin Rice Pudding into a Microwave Pyrex dish used Casserole dish. Need to use medium size or any bowl ideal for microwave.

Add dollop Mascarpone into Rice Pudding. Stir in mix. Add diced Apples and Prunes stir.

On high Microwave for two minutes adjust timings. My Microwave 700w. . So done two minutes . Others may be shorter, just want to warm the Prunes, Apples plus Rice Pudding through.



Another easy pudding. Using Ginger cake warm through with Ricotta and Walnuts.  Could use Almonds or Pecans.

Need Jamaican Ginger Cake. cut into slices.
Tub of Ricotta 1tbsp
Icing Sugar 1ttbsp
Lemon juice dash
Yoghurt Greek 1tbsp.

Walnuts toasted warm through gentle heat dry fry a minute.


Mix in a bowl all above.  Ricotta, Icing sugar and Yoghurt dash of lemon juice.

Add in toasted nuts mix.

Microwave portion Ginger cake. 1 minute warm through add Ricotta on the side to serve with or on top.
Again adjustments for more than one. 


Simple one for all members who are coffee drinkers. Means drowned in Italian  Affogato  . I can not drink coffee but found this for those that do. In my every expanding recipes .  I know get asked sometimes for quick and easy pudding. Must have done this for some one.

You will need this

Tub of your favourite ice-cream suggest Vanilla or Chocolate or Toffee.
Hot coffee.
Grated chocolate
Dessert bowls or glasses


In a Dessert bowl or glasses dollop in two scoops of your favourite ice-cream. 

Pour over a spoonful of hot coffee stir and add grated Chocolate.


Bueno Appetito.


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