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any advise on pain management?

traceydenisejtraceydenisej Posts: 7Member Connected
edited December 2018 in Dealing with chronic pain
I've got arthritis in spine and fibromyalgia with chronic pain any advise on pain management or pain medication to ease it   any suggestions will be grateful


  • steve51steve51 Posts: 5,824Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @traceydenisej

    Good Afternoon & Welcome 🙏🙏

    Yes I have had “Chronic Pain” since 1998.

    When did your Chronic Pain start??

    Have you been seen in a  “Pain Clinic” as yet?

    Are you taking anything at present??

    We have got members who are in similar situations with  “Chronic Pain”

    Please let me know if you want me to let you have anything else???
  • traceydenisejtraceydenisej Posts: 7Member Connected
    edited December 2018
    My pain started 9 years ago bit only got diagnosed 7 years ago I was on pregablin  now gabapentin I've been to pain clinic twice and pain management twice  ive tried acupuncture  hydrotherapy  physio  
  • ricky1040ricky1040 Posts: 93Member Courageous
    I have been on tramimax. Slow realease tramadol at highest dose. Topped up as needed with cocodamol. I tried lyrica but side rffects where as bad if not worse than any benifet they gave. For fibro try and focus on ur sleep health. No naps during day if at all poss. Same bed time. Exercise as much or little as u can before bed. Maybe a warm bath before bed. Is your bed comfortable. Get advice on a fibro approved matress. There is many many out there. Take melatonin to help regulate sleep. I use pillows ti cusion my joints in bed so knees dont touch etc. 

    thats best i can advise re fibro anyways
  • traceydenisejtraceydenisej Posts: 7Member Connected
    Hi Ricky1040 I can't take tramadol or anything like it pass out ive tried exercises before bed and relaxation exercises  jus get flare ups and cramps or spinal spasms  my mattress is a special one for my needs I also put cushions under my bag and knees 
  • steve51steve51 Posts: 5,824Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @traceydenisej

    Yes I have been on Tramadol 
    but I was taken off a few years ago now.

    I have gone from Birmingham to Oxford to Liverpool to Bristol from Pain Clinic to Pain Clinic.

    With no benefits at all. 

    I use "Distraction" with good effect. Kepping myself busy during the day.

    When I go to bed I put my headphones on & listen to music. 
  • debbiedo49debbiedo49 Posts: 2,874Member Disability Gamechanger

    I am a fibrowarrior!
  • traceydenisejtraceydenisej Posts: 7Member Connected
    Oh I might give that a go thank you 
  • Ami2301Ami2301 Posts: 5,442Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @traceydenisej welcome to the community! :)
    You're a fighter. Look at everything you've overcome. Don't give up now!
  • traceydenisejtraceydenisej Posts: 7Member Connected
    Thank you Ami2301
  • clpclp Posts: 39Member Connected
    Hi .I have similar in my spine.  Physio helped identify the different pain ie nerve pain, muscle spasm pain and plain pain!  For nerve pain gabapentin was useless so I switched to duloxetine which is really helpful.  For muscle spasm pain I use baclofen and odd doses of valium. For pain pain it's morphine, rest and minimising whatever set it off if anything.  This is the worst sort as the drugs knock you out so you end up on less than you need so you can function.  CBD oil helps but I have yet to find the magic wand that makes it disappear.  Distraction technique is good and I play music when I go to bed to help me drop off.  I hope you find some relief.
  • marmalademarmalade Posts: 66Member Pioneering
    Hi @traceydenisej
    Its difficult to advise on pain relief because one size does not fit all.  I have tried all the hard medications but they did not work.  I am now on naproxene and paracetomol as required.  It foes not take the pain away but it kets ne function. I also take amitriptylene in the evening that over the longer term helps with pain however i find it helps a lot with sleep too.  I also take inulin which is a prebiotic and that has helped a lot too and i notice a better sleep with it combined with the amitriptylene.  I also use reiki on myself.  Melatonin is good advice too.
  • StevefellowStevefellow Posts: 6Member Listener
    I know exactly what you are going through as a fellow suffer my pain got so bad recently felt like I wanted to end it all. My doctor gave me fentanyl patches and diazapam it got me through a crisis .not something you would want to be on all the time but sometimes you need to do what you need to do get out of pain .l have had to take off the pain patch for a while as it made me feel a bit hyper. Got some lower dose one's to pick-up from chemist later. Still taking a low dose of diazapam at night along with a zopiclone feel like a zombie but it is better than being in pain. Forgot to mention the other reason I took the patch off was it gave me chronic constipation 
  • marmalademarmalade Posts: 66Member Pioneering
    @Stevefellow really sorry to hear you went through such a difficult time.  I hope things have improved a bit for you.  It's so difficult living with chronic pain.  Your right these meds are not something to take lightly and glad you are managing that for yourself and are aware as so many are not and it just adds to the long term issues.
  • StevefellowStevefellow Posts: 6Member Listener
    Yes that's right but sometimes you need any help you can get .
  • marmalademarmalade Posts: 66Member Pioneering
    absolutely and finding that balance is a constant struggle.
  • StevefellowStevefellow Posts: 6Member Listener
    Not really l myself have tried fentanyl patches lately played havoc with my digestion had to stop them may try a lower dose .
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