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diyjoediyjoe Posts: 10Member Listener
This is the 3rd attempt to post a message. I keep getting pop ups from Scope that eradicates previous attempts, perhaps this is because I am a newbie?.

I will not go into  the full detail I have experienced with the local NHS Wheelchair Service Provider but I am at last after 9 months from referral to be given a wheelchair that is claimed to be suitable for my needs. During this period I have managed with loaned or hired chairs and learnt the very basic of skills for my self to be almost independent. I now wish to become skilled enough to mount curbs and similar skills and the only contact I have been given by the service provider is a personal trainer living over 60 miles away and the cost of the course with travel is prohibitive.

I note that several hospitals which specialise in spinal injury run courses on wheelchair skills but nothing in East Sussex. Does any one know of any courses in this area please.



  • MisscleoMisscleo Posts: 535Member Pioneering
    Cant credit this.
    You wait for a wheelchair then the fools dont teach you how to use it

    May i suggest you look on line for a local shop that sells scooters. Mobility shops will help people to use wheelchairs as well as scooters.

    Also get someone to go with you to a road where you can practise going up and down gutters. I say take someone with uou cos my freinds wheelchair tipped over while she was trying the up & down gutters. You may not beable to pick it up on your own
  • marmalademarmalade Posts: 42Member Courageous
    Hi there
    8f you go onto the motability page they have links to services who can do that for you.  Good luck
  • Richard_ScopeRichard_Scope Posts: 1,429Administrator Scope community team
    Have you seen this organisation?

    They run several courses.

    Specialist Information Officer - Cerebral Palsy
  • diyjoediyjoe Posts: 10Member Listener
    Thanks for the replies, I have already seen the Back Up Trusts website, none of the courses offered are in my area or within a 50 mile reach.

    The model set by the NHS for NHS service providers appears to include  having on the providers premises  curbs, ramps etc for basic instruction, as well as many other ideals like supplying a wheelchair suitable to the needs of the user. Unfortunately the money used in debates etc and production of this model is an absolute waste, the model has no bite due to the addition of the words NON MANDATORY,  and passes the responsibility of the service on to CCG,s who in turn contracts commercial firms to supply the final service. The prime objective of these private companies is to make a profit, the model set by the NHS is secondary. Hence in this area there are no training courses and one is lucky to obtain a NHS chair suitable for ones needs. Wheelchair services are a post code lottery.

    Sorry to have gone on a bit, I will continue to look for a skills course in East Sussex..

  • bigade53bigade53 Posts: 2Member Listener
    Cheap enough to buy second hand wheelchairs. If you buy electric factor in £100 for new batterys as most will need them. Then practice when u can . 
  • diyjoediyjoe Posts: 10Member Listener
    Yes, cheap enough to buy second hand. I have bought two cheaply a non active for indoor use but really too big for me. The other an argon that needs adjusting for seating comfort and COG. The local authorised supplier of these chairs does not have a work shop, and refereed me to another authorised dealer  30 miles away, who in turn told me the wheelchair needed to be returned to the original supplier. On contacting Sunrise Medical with serial number they told me the chair was obsolete, no spares available and suggested I should buy a new Argon 2.  Unless you know what you are doing second hand wheelchairs are a no no.
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