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physically unable to carry/post 79 statements

Hello, ESA3(IBR) form response was that must send statements from March 2014 to now. I asked the bank if an electronic version of (79) statements was possible; no. They're sending them out, but I won't be able to carry/post these statements. Went through with it, as surely telling the DWP I called the bank/tried to obtain electronic version/unable to post, will cover things? Surely it's an open secret that the DWP see everything electronically already?


  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 5,623Member, Community champion Brian Blessed

    I think the best thing to do here is to ring DWP and ask how they expect you to send all the statements in the post.
  • piglet101piglet101 Posts: 6Member Listener
    Thank you poppy123456. Appreciate response. Am not great on the phone, especially with DWP, but will work at psyching up for that.
  • wilkowilko Posts: 1,055Member Chatterbox
    That’s a lot of paperwork to send four years worth fifty pages plus maybe. Definitely phone the DWP and asked if you must send all maybe fifty pages.
  • piglet101piglet101 Posts: 6Member Listener
    edited January 10
    Thanks wilko. The bank said I would need to go through the 79 statements myself in order to see the highest totals over the years; not sure I can mentally do that, but if I did a couple of pages at a time (have until Feb 5) maybe the dwp would accept a page showing the highest total [never above 4200, which was when received large back payment from DWP]? (am also on double enhanced pip, physical/mental issues)
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 5,623Member, Community champion Brian Blessed
    Even if the backpay did take you over the lower amount, it's disregarded for 52 weeks.

  • piglet101piglet101 Posts: 6Member Listener
    Thanks poppy123456. I didn't realise that took me over a limit; great to know that's disregarded. :-)
  • piglet101piglet101 Posts: 6Member Listener
    Inspiration hit ... for anyone else unable to carry/post a big pile of statements, DPD will collect and deliver, which also has the bonus of proof of delivery. :-)
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