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Work and Reasonable adjustments

RSISolutionsRSISolutions Member Posts: 83 Connected
edited January 2019 in Ask an employment adviser
Consider you have requested a reasonable adjustments at work (supported by the 2010 Equality Act).Without these adjustments you cannot work and it would be detrimental to your health to do so. 

Whilst this request is processed do you sit at work doing nothing, waiting or go off sick? 
You are not sick - you want adjustments. 


  • Antonia_ScopeAntonia_Scope Member Posts: 1,783 Pioneering
    edited January 2019
    Hi @RSISolutions

    I am not sure, but maybe asking your Manager on what they think would be best?

  • wilkowilko Member Posts: 2,130 Disability Gamechanger
    Not knowing what your employment is or what modifications, adjustments could, can be made to accommodate your disability is a difficult question to answer or comment on. My self my employer was unable to make any changes for me I know this being a practical person and understood the reasoning before the mater was decussed. I was in farminghaving mobility, balance problems having been diagnosed with MS I knew that my days where numbered as it wasn’t safe or practical to work with animals or drive tractors on the road having to surrender my full driving license to a restricted one. So you as the employee will know what can, could be done to accommodate you to allow you to continue working, remember health and safety issues fire escapes ect.
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