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Hello every body more simple suppers costing nothing.

Using Chicken.

You will need one large Chicken. One large Stock pot Onions, Carrots, Leeks and Celery roughly diced up.

Herbs Parsley, Rosemary, Thyme, Fennel Seeds, Sage Black Pepper. half a teaspoon each.

Stock cubes two Chicken. Boiling Kettle.


In the stock pot add vegetables add stock cubes, herbs.  Let the  Chicken sit on vegetables.  Cover vegetables boiling water not half way.

I lay upside down Chicken  so breast and legs touching heat first.  Cover.

On a boil to a simmer for two hours. Check then turn over and do other side.  Couple more hours or just double check leg juices should run clear.  Come away from flesh.

From this when cooled down slightly.  Make three recipes.


You will need blender, bowl, saucepans.  Sieve and colander. Portion of leg meat diced up .  Portion of poaching liquid.

Could use any shapes you wish to.

Portion of poaching liquid blender. Blitz up.  Sieve into a bowl. For a smoother sauce.

To a saucepan add sauce blended, sieved  with any diced or shredded leg meat.  Cover and let it simmer.

Pasta salted water handful per person.  Bring to boil simmer.  As Pasta Instructions packet.

Drain into Colander sink to Saucepan for sauce warm through.



You need any Chicken Breast from poaching shredded or diced.

Cooked Potatoes I buy Potatoes baby ones pre cook them cool them down use them in a host of recipes. Stores in the fridge.

Mayonnaise 1 tbsp.  One quarter tsp of Curry Powder or make your own.

Mango Chutney 1tbsp 

Into a bowl mix.  Add shredded Chicken and Potatoes mix together.  Serve.


Rest of Chicken, diced up shredded. Curry powder or make your own 1tbsp.  Onions diced sliced. Stock blitzed up and sieved as previous recipe.  For Ragu.

One saucepan.

Noodles to wok

Make Curry sauce add to  a saucepan onions vegetable oil with 1tbsp of Curry powder plus enough poaching stock to cover.

Add in Chicken diced and shredded mix in.

Cover bring to boil and simmer. 10 minutes adjust timings. Add last minute noodles to wok pack.  I used one for me. Pack contains two lots of noodles individually wrapped in cellophane..

Mix in and warm through.  Serve make sure piping hot.

That is three recipes plus any poaching liquid left use for stock.  Even Soup.

Bueno Appetito.



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