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Neighbour using my disabled son to harass us as a family

mitchymitchy Posts: 3Member Listener
edited January 25 in Parents and carers
Hello, we have a neighbour who has been harassing us for over two years. I have a disabled son who this neighbour is targeting with constant complaints. Having spoken to our housing officer, PCSO and trying to get an appt with our local MP I really do not know where else to go. Basically told to ‘rise above’ the constant complaints (petty and unfounded) but it’s not nice and has made us very unsettled and unhappy. Any advice very welcome please. 


  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 3,928Member, Community champion Brian Blessed
    Hello @mitchy   Pleased to meet you. Sorry what you are going through.

    You mentioned PCSO . Have you spoken to the Hate Crime Unit.

    This is an community unit of the Police that deal with hate crime.  Targeted against any member of our community. Especially those who are vulnerable and those members of our society.  Who are disabled, elderly, ethnic, have faiths,religions, gay and transgender. 

    Discuss with the ongoing situation.  

    Also make a diary of any incidents.

    I know this might help you.

    I know used the hate crime unit  myself. Had many times problems with neighbours.

    Hope that helps.

    We are here as a community to support you.

    Please take care.

  • mitchymitchy Posts: 3Member Listener
    Thankyou for your advice, have spoken to pcso but need to reiterate and follow it up.  Much appreciate your input and many thanks again!
  • Government_needs_reformGovernment_needs_reform Posts: 655Member Chatterbox
    Just a heads up I had all the hassle like yourself, went to the Police, had video evidence and loads of witnesses to boot.

    In the end I had to move because no one did nothing and it drove me mad evidence proved everything. But still had to move. People that cause grief to others is plain wrong. I wish you well.


    "This must not be allowed to happen"

    The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has published a contract notice announcing its plans for a £3.1billion revamp of heath checks for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and other benefits.

    PIP is not ESA or even UC, having one assessment for those benefits is morally wrong to treat them as ONE size fits all with that one assessment.

    I have fully stated and justifies what the DWP’s aim is here, and its not certainly for the care of the claimant or the vulnerable.

    Yes I fully agree the assessment process needs to be improved on many accounts and this is certainly not the way to do it. 

    As its been mentioned on here, and in the press now has raised grave concern and bought this into question, it’s clearly not right what this Government, the DWP, and the secretary for work & pensions is outlining regarding this proposal to change in having “ONE” assessment for all these benefits, you must also have to bear in mind too if you fail this one said assessment, your open to loose all your benefits which is quite clearly wrong, as we also know assessors can look at your claim and think I will fail this claimant because he/she may be getting to much in benefits etc, so in effect they could just be very cruel and fail and lie in the assessment to deprive the said claimant(s) etc. 

    I’ve sent them further evidence stating that this is so wrong on many accounts.

    I will not let this go as a matter of principal.

  • mitchymitchy Posts: 3Member Listener
    Thankyou! It has been suggested that we move and I was up for it but we love our home and feel we should not be forced out but it has had such a negative and distressing effect in our family that it could be a possibility. If anything the neighbour should be moved. There is not enough help for victims and this needs to be addressed. 
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 3,928Member, Community champion Brian Blessed
    Hello @mitchy   Thanks for reply. How are you?  I am as many of the community can identify what you are though.

    Understand the situation so clearly my self. Some thing not right in our communities as we experience so many times the unnecessary depression and misery of harassment.

    Stressful I can imagine for you and your family.

    Problem is do you wish to be in this situation or find a solution. That can better your mental health.

    I can understand the home you have is pleasant . My concern is for you and the welfare of your son.

    The harm it may hurt him.

    I know and do agree with you entirely the neighbour should be moved. I also wonder if it is possible to speak as I have suggested The Hate Crime Unit.  Follow it up.

    I know I am sure that you are probably like me do not want to them to get involved. Feel can not help you. Understand all that but they really do help.

    I am an old fashioned gentleman and had to be strong felt embarrassed to admit had an problem but I did it.

    Policeman came down and visited me. The very presence of the Officer visiting most times did work.

    Please keep in touch.  Always happy to help and be supportive.

    Please take care.


  • shelby3shelby3 Posts: 5Member Listener
    You could try contacting the citizens advice beauro they cover many subjects.

  • BenistmonkBenistmonk Posts: 326Member Chatterbox
    One word...CCTV! you need evidence to prove your claim of harassment, otherwise it is simply your word against his.
  • wilkowilko Posts: 1,432Member Chatterbox
    We have all had nighbour trouble at some time or other and can be sorted out before it gets out of hand. Mine is over car parking, because I put up disabled parking only signs  and need 24 hour mobility scooter acess they park so as I have to park in the road instead of before gate enterance, when it awkward to acess the gateway and I catch the gate post causing damage it’s tough on them no comments made. But keep up the reporting to the police, council, it can’t,won’t and shouldn’t  be tolerated.
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