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Feeling ignored

Hello I would like to ask for advice. I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder around a year and a half ago (at 24). I was more or less just given my diagnosis with a leaflet about what the diagnosis entails and sent on my way.  I have been feeling let down by medical/teaching staff as I feel they should have noticed earlier so I'd be offered support, which I feel doesn't seem to be offered - focusing mainly on children. As a result I struggle daily with anxiety and sensory problems which I don't know how to process. I went for a PIP assessment and got 2 points only - the man taking the assessment said I was fine even though I didn't look him in the eye, had earplugs in and used my stim fidget the whole time and when I left was very overwhelmed as he practically coaxed the answers he wanted by the way he worded the questions and didn't seem to want to acknowledge what I was saying. I feel like I'm getting no further forward - I hardly leave the house, can't find a job and feel like nobody will listen to me about how difficult things are, daily things that others do without thinking, just because I look like I'm coping like a typical person. But what they don't see is everything that rushes around in my head and how exhausted I am after a day out because of all the input, like I've been hit by a bus. 
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