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Autism in the workplace

my son keeps copying other people in the workplace even though they are staff that leave early.
 He copies people if they are on there mobile phones its a case if they do it I am when they are told stop  then I will. He has had a few fall outs with other staff through misunderstanding.
is this normal social difficulties with some one with aspergers?


  • GeoarkGeoark Posts: 1,039Member, Community champion Chatterbox
    Hi @Barrettd yes this can be a common problem.

    Usually staff will understand when they can get away with something, or at least think they do. Often though people with autism will be a lot less discrete and likely to carry out the behaviour in plain view. 

    It is also unfortunate that they will often copy the behaviour which allows them to do what they would prefer to do. 

    Before anyone jumps on me for saying this, it is not always the case. My daughter  has a fantastic work ethic which makes her popular with her management and colleagues. I have also worked with people with aspergers who have had great work ethics and made good role models.

    Unfortunately because of the way they view things when they are pulled up for doing the wrong thing they are more likely to see it as being victimised because they are autistic rather than realising that it is their behaviour.

    As to what can be done, this can be difficult as they will simply not accept they are at fault, even when they know it is against the rules, because they see others doing it and seemingly get away with it. Ideally I would suggest mentoring or pairing them with someone who could act as a good role model, but also is understanding. 

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