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Why are some people so ignorant ??

goblinqueengoblinqueen Posts: 16Member Whisperer
Has anyone else had the "we've never heard of your condition , you don't  look disabled scenerio " ? 
Having Polyradiculopathy I look ok , I'm not in a wheelchair YET , apart from my limp (which is getting worse) and the fact that walking a short distance I'm close to tears, I've a disabled rail card and more than once I've had from booking office staff "is this yours you don't look disabled" and in the case of an ignorant ******** at the local council , spoke to them about my council tax and explained I have a disability his reply well I have never heard of that you must be making it up. 
Till the diagnosis I had never heard of it either 


  • stephenjohnstephenjohn Posts: 27Member Whisperer
    Yes had the “you don’t look ill “ treatment,it’s sad that we have these people who have X ray eyes but empty heads ...think they can diagnose an illness at a glance.
  • wilkowilko Posts: 1,432Member Chatterbox
    No you don’t look disabled. You look so well, what is your disability? My reply is sometimes depending on who it is asking, is you don’t look ignorant but you are. There the prahse hidden disability 
  • goblinqueengoblinqueen Posts: 16Member Whisperer
    I find as well you sit on one of the seats on a bus for disabled people the looks you get from pensioners are disgusting , I’ve even been told to move as I’m not entitled to sit there - even showing them the bus pass they don’t like it , one woman actually sat making snide comments in a very loud voice about fake disabilities so I just tapped her on the shoulder and said I may not be perfect but at least not you 
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 3,928Member, Community champion Brian Blessed
    edited January 28
    Hello @goblinqueen Pleased to meet you .

    Sorry what you are going through.  I do understand as it happening more and more.

    I still get the looks and stares as my disability is evident.  All out in the open you can see.

    Ones of the big issues problems in our community. How as a people we are judged by those who are naïve, ignorant or have the audacity to say hurtful remarks.

    Have to say the encounter you had with the council official no need for that at all.  Make a complaint I would.

    One aspect of the term disabled is just so vast wide spectrum.

    As a community champion on this forum meet so many wonderful amazing people. Who have had their illness or condition diagnosed and are often having problems of acceptance.

    Coming to terms with the new emotions, feelings they are experiencing.

    Many conditions, illness and disability that come onto the community are new to myself.

    I have to find information, support and advice to help and guide that new member.

    On the very rare occasion will have to ask the new member to tell her or himself about the condition or illness or disability.

    In the hope to give others who are similar a hand of friendship.  Be supportive.

    All I add is we as a community are here to help and be supportive. Want you feel comfortable.  

    Please ask anything. If you need some one to chat to always some one here to listen.

    I use this forum to help and support my self plus give my time and energy to members who like yourself.

    Please take care.

  • goblinqueengoblinqueen Posts: 16Member Whisperer
    Thank you for that , I did put a complaint and his manager rang on Friday to apologise , he actually told her when he was confronted that he'd never heard of such a thing so it must have been made up - would love for him to spend a day in my shoes when things are really bad , 
  • debbiedo49debbiedo49 Posts: 2,543Member Brian Blessed
    I would probably say I don't know you are you qualified to make that diagnosis?  Lol

    I am a fibrowarrior!
  • happy91happy91 Posts: 99Member Talkative
    Hi have definitely experienced this. Have a disability in legs, get chronic pain from standing and walking. I lean on things often but try not to use walking aids or a wheelchair as can create muscle wastage. Had old ladies looking at me in disgust because I've rushed on the bus before them to sit down because I'm in agony from standing. Have a bus pass. Had many people, even social workers who were supported to support me look at me judgementally like "you're not really suffering are you?". Only you know truly what you are going through. 9/10 those people who judge you, will you know them in 5 years time? No. Focus on you, getting your needs met and anyone who gives a damn enough about you will take the time to get to know you and ask questions rather than judge.
  • SeanchaiSeanchai Posts: 30Member Whisperer
    edited March 2
    I know exactly what you mean guys ...I stopped driving 18 months ago due to my illnesses....I was glad to see signs going up in various places like outside disabled toilets etc ....these sings read " Remember that not all disabilities are visible " ....it was nice to see such acknowledgement   . I have a few disabilities but now I look a bit older it seems to be accepted that I use a walking stick etc ...I seldom leave the house these days but I,m lucky as our son gets what we need from shops ect . ...although the new manageress in the garage across from us went totally over the top at my son when he parked at the garage for ten minutes ( in the car park for patrons) ...he parked there so I would not need to walk far to the car . Some people just don,t understand having a disability . I only hope such people do not get affected with a disability themselves . 
  • GeraldGerald Posts: 117Member Talkative
    Hi goblinqueen I know exactly what you mean and do not know when I was growing up and my sisters my mum and dad told us to be kind to every one and never judge people as its better to be nice and kind and respect people and that's how I try to live my life. All the best 
  • deb74deb74 Posts: 242Member Chatterbox
     I think if you have an invisible disability people assume there is nothing wrong with you! we have probably all heard someone say you don't look disabled! I have spina bifida, scoliosis, me, cervical spondylosis and osteoarthritis and am not in a wheelchair yet. people are surprised when I tell them I am on disability benefits. I can sometimes see them looking me up and down and even if they don't say anything you can see they are think you are not disabled.
  • Government_needs_reformGovernment_needs_reform Posts: 655Member Chatterbox
    wilko said:
    No you don’t look disabled. You look so well, what is your disability? My reply is sometimes depending on who it is asking, is you don’t look ignorant but you are. There the prahse hidden disability 
    @wilko I think people are ignorant for reporting harmless meaningful threads too. You may understand why some people do that because of jealousy 🤣

    People outside start insulting and backstabbing me I will tell them the truth and I would show no mercy in doing so either you get my point.👍😊


    "This must not be allowed to happen"

    The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has published a contract notice announcing its plans for a £3.1billion revamp of heath checks for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and other benefits.

    PIP is not ESA or even UC, having one assessment for those benefits is morally wrong to treat them as ONE size fits all with that one assessment.

    I have fully stated and justifies what the DWP’s aim is here, and its not certainly for the care of the claimant or the vulnerable.

    Yes I fully agree the assessment process needs to be improved on many accounts and this is certainly not the way to do it. 

    As its been mentioned on here, and in the press now has raised grave concern and bought this into question, it’s clearly not right what this Government, the DWP, and the secretary for work & pensions is outlining regarding this proposal to change in having “ONE” assessment for all these benefits, you must also have to bear in mind too if you fail this one said assessment, your open to loose all your benefits which is quite clearly wrong, as we also know assessors can look at your claim and think I will fail this claimant because he/she may be getting to much in benefits etc, so in effect they could just be very cruel and fail and lie in the assessment to deprive the said claimant(s) etc. 

    I’ve sent them further evidence stating that this is so wrong on many accounts.

    I will not let this go as a matter of principal.

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