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Anger/Anxiety in CP children

EmbayEmbay Posts: 1Member
edited February 2019 in Mental health issues
I am having a lot of anger and anxiety issues with my daughter at the moment and wondering whether anyone else is going through the same thing. She is a child that will bottle everything up until she explodes and once she's done she can't remember any of it.

Any help would be welcomed 

Thank you 


  • EmmaBEmmaB Posts: 238Member Pioneering
    Hi @Embay
    That sounds difficult. 
    You haven't given much detail but maybe the following will be helpful...
    When we are completely stressed out our memories aren't stored properly which might explain why she explodes but can't really remember the details...
    I guess the best thing you can do is keep the lines of communication open.  If she doesn't want to talk to you can she write down what she's angry about?  If she will share this with you it would be useful to look at whether you can both come up with some solutions to things she's worried or angry about ie channel that energy into DOING something which will then change how she feels.
    You don't say how old your daughter is but obviously the teenage years are difficult with a lot of peer pressure...
    One last thing - is she into social media?  If she is that could be impacting on her and cutting down her use particularly before bedtime might be helpful... [this may not be easy if she is 'addicted' to it but if that is the case there's all the more argument for cutting down on its use].
    If you have the money you could take her to see a private counsellor who has experience of working with children [you'll be waiting ages to access such help through CAMHS and they are so stretched they seem to only be able to see children who are self harming/suicidal].
    Be wary of any doctor that just opts for medication, it's a lazy, unimaginative approach - because it's not addressing the CAUSE of what she is worried/angry about - there are some that believe youngsters should not be given psychiatric medication as their brains are still developing and it can in fact cause psychiatric problems... Getting to the root of why she is feeling this way feels like the key.
    Best wishes and good luck.
  • EmmaBEmmaB Posts: 238Member Pioneering
    PS I haven't made an assumption that her anger/worries are related to CP because they may or may not be...
  • Sam_ScopeSam_Scope Posts: 7,732Member Disability Gamechanger
    @KellyParentAdvisor and @Richard_Scope do you have any thoughts?
    Senior online community officer
  • KellyParentAdvisorKellyParentAdvisor Posts: 32Volunteer community adviser Courageous
    Hi @Embay. Could you give us any more details at all? How old is your daughter? What kinds of things does she feel anxious about or get angry about? Does she bottle it up at school and let it all out once home? 
  • Richard_ScopeRichard_Scope Posts: 1,820Administrator Scope community team
    Hello @Embay
    Thanks for your post. I live with quadriplegic CP myself, so I can provide some insight from that angle. If you feel comfortable, could you please give me some more details about your daughter?

    Specialist Information Officer - Cerebral Palsy
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