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UC review meeting, what to expect?

tombcfctombcfc Posts: 13Member Listener
edited February 8 in Universal Credit
Hi there, I am long term sick due to my spinal injurys/epilepsy/depression and anxiety. my esa work capability assesment was in July last year and I was classed as fit to work and forced to go onto universal credit, I am appealing the original decision. Since then I have been awarded pip due to my health conditions rapidly deteriorating. Just had a phonecall from work coach saying I have to come in for a review in 2 weeks but he was very vague in what this was for. I am feeling incredibly anxious and worried about this given my health situation and my previous experiences with the DWP. can anyone tell me what to expect and what this entails, and how long this lasts. Thanks in advance for your replies.


  • tombcfctombcfc Posts: 13Member Listener
    Commitments review*
  • Antonia_ScopeAntonia_Scope Posts: 1,783Member Pioneering
    Hi @tombcfc ;

    Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing this with us. Some of our members may be able to support you with this soon. 

    You may find our Universal Credit page useful.
  • Pippa_ScopePippa_Scope Posts: 5,858Member Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @tombcfc, how are you doing? 
  • pjindevonpjindevon Posts: 7Member Listener
    Feeling low and deflated by my reality of having a huge drop in my severe disability entitlment which is due to being pushed onto UC.
    The reality is i was signing up to a new strand of financial problems.
    Greater debt and the distress knowing that i cannot cover my living expenses while the Govt has seen fit to leave me without my disability and severr disability entitlments i was getting on ESA Income related.
    In order to be placed on UC the trick of the dwp is to remove the Income Based ESA and to replace it with Contribution Based ESA.
    The loss to me equals £344 pcm.
    Over £4100 per year.
    I am falling into a new cycle of severe depression , back on the Diazipam for the anxiety that my reality is looking bleak and unsustainable to live independently in my new council bungalow.
    I predict that i will find myself homeless once again before 12 months is up.
    Feeling sick and placed into a serious mental health crisis and all because the Goverment and its DWP have left people with Severe Disability issues Benefit Entitlments and with no hope to have the decision to entitle us to what was essential in awarding those needed disability premiums.
    I am feeling anxious, disturbed knowing my MH is under attack.
    And feeling overwhelmingly that im my situation i am a liability to this society today.
    Im frightened as to where this is all going to end.
    I want urgent Legal Help, someone to stand up for me and many others.
    Im mot sure how much more i can take when the need is urgent and there is no one that can fix it.
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