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My son has just been diagnosed with autism

KellyfKellyf Posts: 1Member Listener
edited February 11 in Autism and Aspergers
Hi I am a mum of 3 beauties. My eldest son 8 is in the process of being diagnosed with autism. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Some days i am at my witts end and would love to chat to other parents going through the same. xx


  • steve51steve51 Posts: 5,008Member, Community champion Chatterbox
    Hi @Kellyf

    Good Evening & Welcome it’s great to meet you today.

    Here’s some info for you below:


    Please let me know if there’s anything that I can help you further with????  

    @steve51 ;

  • Pippa_ScopePippa_Scope Posts: 5,740Administrator Scope community team
    Hi @Kellyf, and a warm welcome to the community. It's great to have you here!

    Hopefully our members will be in touch to offer some words of wisdom. For now, I'm tagging in @Coco2, @hjstewy, @Dianne12 and @PegsPendorf in case there's anything they'd like to share.

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  • KellyParentAdvisorKellyParentAdvisor Posts: 28Member, Community advisor Talkative
    Hi @Kellyf

    I am mum to an autistic girl (almost 7, diagnosed at 3) and we suspect our 11 year old son is also on the spectrum, although no diagnosis as yet. It's quite bewildering at first, isn't it? I like to call it 'diagnosed and dumped'! 

    What is it that you are struggling with in particular? Is it your son's behaviour? How is he managing in school?

    Do you have any family support? 

    Have you looked for local support groups - either online or that you can go to to meet other parents? One of my main pieces of advice to parents is to 'find your tribe'! It can be daunting at first, but once you realise that every person there has been where you are now, you can take some comfort and know that there will be plenty of advice and practical support. 

    I blog at www.itsatinkthing.com and have some articles there that you may also find helpful.

    Best wishes

  • kujaku666kujaku666 Posts: 11Member Listener
    my son also has autistic spectrum  diagnosis 
    and im not going to lie but getting him the benefits he was entitled to has been a real slog 
    i dont post on here much  but there is a post  telling of my sons claim and what we went through as a family to win the claim 

    please get in touch  with as many  helping societies as you can 
     to help you through the process  of making claims and so on  like day to day living  you may be surprised at  what help you can get even if you are working 
    there is plenty of help out there as we found out after 21 years of having no help,  as we wernt aware of who or where to ask for help 

    hope you and your son  and family are well 
    and please dont give up on any claims you may  get turned down for  as they do get claims wrong
    and any money  you claim will get back dated 

    all the best steve 

  • shelby3shelby3 Posts: 5Member Listener
    A warm welcome 😊 
    I'm a mother of 3 beautiful daughters and my adorable 2 yr old was recently diagnosed with autism though i have known for past 6 months when all the appointments to specialists started. She is delayed in all aspects especially communication. She has recently learnt to walk which is great. 

    I don't have much advice to give but I can chat 😊


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