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DWP phome calls

Hi people, can anyone tell me if the decision maker is supposed to call you after your work capability assessment (esa) with the decision before they write to you? Or do they text? What seems to be the general situation lately? Many thanks in advance.


  • jojo1jojo1 Posts: 8Member Listener
    Hi  @catlover64 they are supposed to ring three times and then send letter.....i had two calls and then the letter as i had tried to call back on second attempt and the woman told me they hadnt wrote the notes up so couldnt tell me what was happening!!
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 8,547Member, Community champion Brian Blessed

    No, not always. Sometimes they will call you to ask a question before making a decision and then they'll tell you the decision over the phone. If they call you and they have a mobile number as contact then they will text you to tell you a time frame of when they will call. To be honest, i've only ever heard them ring people to tell them bad news and that they've been found fit for work, i could be wrong on that but I've been claiming ESA since 2013, had 3 assessments and i've been in the Support Group all that time and i've never had a call before making the decision. I've only ever received a letter.
  • Catlover64Catlover64 Posts: 20Member Whisperer
    Thanks guys. I read online somewhere in the Harrington report that they are now supposed to call every claimant after the wca but I suppose they are supposed to do a lot of things and don't! How long did you all have to wait after your wca to hear? I had mine on the 23rd January.
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 8,547Member, Community champion Brian Blessed
    edited February 9
    I've never heard that they're supposed to call a claimant after the WCA. If they have no questions to ask then there will be no reason to call. My most recent assessment was in November 2018 and i never received a call then either.

    There's no time scales for any decision, backlogs is just part of the reason a decision can be delayed. For my last assessment i had the decision within 2 weeks.

    Ring DWP to request a copy of the assessment report, if you live in the UK they'll send it. This will give you some idea what the decision is likely to be as they mostly go with the report.
  • Catlover64Catlover64 Posts: 20Member Whisperer
    Thanks poppy, I read that they won't send it out until they have made the decision (benefits and work forum). I will ring if I don't hear in another 2 weeks. I hate this waiting around. I went into support group in 2014 with no f2f so I was passed on paper. Nothing has changed in my circumstances but this time they called me in even after getting proof off my doctor. Why do they pass you on paper first time then call you in the next time when you have already told them nothing has changed?!? Madness.
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 8,547Member, Community champion Brian Blessed
     I read that they won't send it out until they have made the decision (benefits and work forum).
    This is not correct. I've had 3 assessments for ESA, 1 paper based and 2 face to face and have received the report for all of them before a decision was made.

    It's rare to have a paper based decision, most have face to face assessments. I had a paper based for my 2nd review, which was just over 2 years ago. My most recent was face to face, yet nothing at all had changed.
  • Catlover64Catlover64 Posts: 20Member Whisperer
    Ok poppy thanks. If they make me ffw on this assessment and nothing has changed since the last assessment where they put me straight into support group don't you think they are contradicting themselves? If so it would surely be worth pointing out in an MR?
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 8,547Member, Community champion Brian Blessed
    For each re-assessment it's your responsibility to prove you one of the descriptors apply to you. You can certainly point it out but if you are FFW then you should really concentrate on the reasons why you should be in the Support Group.
  • Catlover64Catlover64 Posts: 20Member Whisperer
    it's just that they are trying to get everyone off ESA. I have been ill for 23 years and am worse than before. It is ridiculous,I am at retirement age next December!
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Posts: 8,547Member, Community champion Brian Blessed
    You need to remember that we only ever hear that bad stories, very rarely the good ones. Lots of people claim ESA and are placed into a group successfully. For each time you're re-assessed you need to make sure you send relevant evidence to support your claim.

    As advised, ring for a copy of the assessment report. What you read about them not sending it till after the decision is not correct.

    I totally understand exactly how stressful the wait is for a decision, having very recently been through another re-assessment myself, it's still very much fresh in my mind. That report will give you some idea. Hopefully the decision won't be much longer.
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