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World Sleep Day 2019

Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Posts: 2,936Administrator Scope community team
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Do you get the sleep you need? Today is World Sleep Day, a day designed to raise awareness of the importance sleep plays in a healthy lifestyle. But while everyone might need it, sleep doesn’t come easily for all of us. In fact, according to the Great British Sleeping Statistics survey only 6% of us get the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night and over time those lost hours can certainly start to stack up.

So, whether you have insomnia, struggle to put your kids to bed, or find your impairment causes you difficulties when sleeping, what tips to getting a good night’s sleep would you give to someone in the same situation?

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  • Kate_ScopeKate_Scope Posts: 73Navigate Pioneering
    My eldest daughter is 18 and has cerebral palsy, while she is always warm, her legs are always cold (presumably from lack of circulation) we always put the fleece pajama bottoms on her to keep her legs nice and warm overnight. We always make sure her room is cool- room temp can make a huge difference to whether she sleeps or not. Even if it's very cold outside (we put the heating on in the house) but turn her radiators off, she is always more comfortable and manages to sleep through the night (the only issue we have is waking her for college) :)


  • Jenna_ScopeJenna_Scope Posts: 5Navigate Connected
    Pure essential lavender oil!  I put a few drops in the bath and again on my pillow and it makes sleep much more restful.  I do it for the kids too to help them to drop off and stay asleep. It costs about £5 a bottle and you need so little of it that a bottle lasts for months. 
  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Posts: 2,936Administrator Scope community team
    Hi @Jenna_Scope, great tip! Funnily enough my eldest daughter (11) has always had trouble sleeping and we were recommended lavender oil a few months ago. Definitely noticed some improvement and she's not quite as grumpy in the mornings either. ;)
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  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Posts: 2,936Administrator Scope community team
    Thank you @Kate_Scope. Body/room temp definitely seems to play an important night in getting a good night's sleep. Great tip with the fleece pajama bottoms!
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  • Tra7cyTra7cy Posts: 30Member Connected
    I never have the radiator on and normally the bedroom window is open a crack in the winter, as long as the rest of the house is warm (for toilet trips) it's fine. I use only a duvet cover, not the duvet itself, and a body pillow for comfort. Saying that I can sleep for days or be awake for days, just have to find a way to meld the two lol
  • happy91happy91 Posts: 101Member Courageous
    Cool temp in room is important. Put the heating on if it gets very cold in your house at night, still keep it at the lowest possible preferably off. I have a small travel sized hot water bottle i use and cuddle that before going to sleep.

    Decent sleep hygeine is so important! Staying away from screens, phone, laptop, tv at least an hour before bed is important.

    Eat big meals earlier in the day and have a scrambled egg for supper if you need something in your tummy at night. I actually now tend to have dinner for breakfast. Then all the heavy food has all day to help you and you get the nutrients first thing. Care for yourself and cater to your needs in the day. Have yourself a great day and follow all your dreams. Sleeping at night becomes easier.
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 4,649Community champion Disability Gamechanger

    Hello @Adrian_Scope ; I have always plan for sleep. All the time.

    The following helps.  First all make sure your bedroom is light but not too dark.

    Warm but not cold. Comfortable bedding and all electrical devices removed no TV.

    Set yourself a target to go to sleep. I wind  down around nine. So all TV and plugs are removed. Electrical devices laptops and computer do not use.

    Have evening meal at least two hours before planned sleep.

    In certain foods and ingredients are enzymes called tryptophan . This is  natural enzymes. From ingredients like Pasta, Walnuts, Almonds Wholegrains and pulses.  Turkey and Chicken.

    Also other foods like Milk and Yoghurt . Honey on a slice of whole meal toast helps.  

    Leafy greens like Lettuce and Kale induce sleep.

    Do not take anything caffeine . Cola, Chocolate, Coffee, Tea plus no Alcohol.

    Spices use Fennel seeds and Cinnamon all helps digestion and stomach.  No heavy spicy foods chillies and curries .  Have them earlier than normal.

    Other things you can do is when near to bedtime still not sleepy do the beach routine.

    Lay on your bed pretend your on a beach and relax think of sun the warm sun. Make your fingers relax and so on. Every part of your body in turn to relax feel less tense. After a while will fall asleep.

    Another one is to sit in the lounge meditation close your eyes and breathe deeply. After a while usually ten minutes will fall asleep.

    Ii had an usual lifestyle much documented on here more than once. My days were my nights and my nights were my days. All around addiction.

    These are my suggestions I still have one or two days have issues and problems.  As this usually happens if I have had some bad stressful day so try not, be good and kind to yourself.

    Will be some more.

    I think some where in my mind.  Starting to feel tired thinking about them.

    Speak soon.


  • dee51dee51 Posts: 6Member Listener
    Great tips, will defo try. Thanks.
  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Posts: 2,936Administrator Scope community team
    Fantastic tips everyone, thank you!
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  • Sam_ScopeSam_Scope Posts: 7,569Administrator Scope community team
    I like the Lush Sleepy lotion, it's a lavender cream that really helps me with relaxation and sleep.
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  • happy91happy91 Posts: 101Member Courageous
    It is a really nice lotion, have used it too and made me drift right off to sleep.
  • April2018momApril2018mom Posts: 1,602Member Disability Gamechanger
    No phones etc before bed. I like to read in bed. I find exercise helps me sleep properly too. Have you tried medication or mediation? What about sleeping pills? Sometimes a sleep study can help identify the issue. 
  • AilsAils Posts: 567Community champion Pioneering
    I also like to read before bed and I find a milky drink like hot chocolate helps too.  :smiley:
  • WaylayWaylay Posts: 868Member Pioneering
    Been awake over 50 hours now. Sigh.
  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Posts: 2,936Administrator Scope community team
    Hope you've managed to get some sleep since @Waylay. Is everything okay?
    Senior Online Community Officer
  • thespicemanthespiceman Posts: 4,649Community champion Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @Waylay   My friend have you tried any of my suggestions. Many are worth looking at.

    On my previous post.

    50 hours seems a lot might be worth talking to your GP.  Lack of sleep.

    The problems my concern and care is they can manifest themselves into serious health problems.

    I do for example come on here to catch up now again to find myself needing know never going to sleep the bright screen is effecting me.

    So have to sit quietly in a darkened room all electrics off just silence. By the time the brain is programmed for sleep.

    Also worries and anxiety play a massive part in sleep effected any patterns or routines.

    Write down your worries or anxious thoughts and leave them on a piece of paper. I do know can be beneficial.

    Add to that any stimulants coffee tea or alcohol or drugs even meds certain types can effect sleep patterns and routines.

    Having that late take out or not eating properly late at night. Close to bedtime spicy food.

    Try to eat at least two hours plus before bedtime. If hungry have whole meal toast with honey.  Have a bowl of cereal like Cornflakes with milk or Crispbreads with butter and honey.

    You could have wheat based cereals like Weetabix.  Yoghurts anything with fruit to settle a stomach to relax .

    Take after any evening meal you have.

    Hope that helps.  


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